Sophia Bush Recalls 'Screaming Fight' Over 'One Tree Hill' Hot Tub Scene

Bush also said her parents weren’t exactly fans of her OTH sex scenes.

Sophia Bush learned to speak up for herself on the set of “One Tree Hill” pretty early on in the show’s run.

On her “Drama Queens” podcast with former OTH costars Hilarie Burton and Bethany Joy Lenz, the actress opened up about filming an uncomfortable scene for the show’s eleventh episode — and arguing with creators over it.

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Recapping the eleventh episode of the series, Bush brought up a scene where her character, Brooke, stripped in front of Chad Michael Murray’s character Lucas in an attempt to seduce him in a hot tub.

“That was the scene that led to my first ever screaming fight with my bosses,” she said, before revealing her act of protest. “I did what I said I was going to do. I came to work for the next scene wearing a turtleneck. I was like ‘Watch me! This is completely inappropriate! I will wear turtlenecks forever!'”

Burton agreed, saying the show runners could have accomplished just as much without the stars wearing so little.

“It’s like somebody read a perfectly good script and they were like, ‘You know what need is more cowbell,'” she joked. “You could have gotten the same effect without turning it up to 11 every time!”

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The trio also looked back on how uncomfortable their parents must have been watching their children simulate sex on national television.

“They didn’t love [the sex scenes],” said Bush. “It was uncomfortable for them, like as a kid… you don’t want to see your parents have sex, and I don’t think parents want to think about their kids having sex either.”

“That probably points to the fact that as a society we need to grow up a little bit and get unashamed of our bodies,” she added.

Burton revealed she scared her 11-year-old son Gus — who she shares with husband Jeffrey Dean Morgan — off of watching sex scenes forever, after they sat down together to watch “The Shining.” That movie, famously, includes a scene where Jack Nicholson’s Jack Torrance makes out with a seemingly-beautiful woman in room 237 — only to have her naked decompose in front of her as they kiss.

“I just watch that with Gus and he never wants to see a naked woman ever in his whole life,” she exclaimed, “He’s ruined!”

This isn’t the first time the trio have talked about some of their more romantic scenes on the show — check out the link below for more!

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