Sophie Wessex reveals the Queen is 'good' in unseen clip from New York

Sophie Wessex reveals the Queen is feeling ‘good’ and says Platinum Jubilee should celebrate the monarch’s ‘life’s work’ in previously unseen clip from her New York trip

  • Sophie Wessex revealed Queen is ‘good’ in unseen clip from her trip to New York
  • Countess also said monarch should ‘be really proud of what she has achieved’
  • Clip surfaced as Christopher Biggins claimed the royal is using a wheelchair
  •  Actor said this is the reason why Her Majesty is ‘not doing a lot of the events’
  • Comes amid reports that special plans will be in place to allow the Queen to be comfortably seated for the Duke of Edinburgh’s memorial service 

Sophie Wessex revealed the Queen is feeling ‘good’ in a previously unseen clip from her trip to New York.

The Countess, 47, who is often been noted as the monarch’s ‘favourite’ family member, last week embarked on a rare high profile solo trip to the US, cementing her position as the Queen’s secret weapon within the new look monarchy. 

In a clip shared on Twitter today from the trip, the mother-of-two told GMB’s Noel Phillips the Queen was feeling ‘good’.

Meanwhile she explained the whole family were looking forward to the monarch’s Jubilee celebrations, saying: ‘I think it’s going to be very busy. It represents the Queen’s life work and she should be really proud of what she has achieved. It’s wonderful.’ 

Sophie Wessex revealed the Queen is ‘good’ as she said the monarch ‘should be really proud of what she has achieved’ in a previously unseen clip from her trip to New York

On Sunday, February 6, the Queen marked the anniversary of her father’s death, marking her historic 70 years on the throne serving the people of the UK and the Commonwealth.

Celebrations for the nation are set to take place in June, with a bank holiday for the public to enjoy a weekend to last from Thursday 2 June to Sunday 5 June.

The Queen’s birthday parade, Trooping the Colour, will take place on 2 June, a service of thanksgiving on 3 June, and for 4 June, the Queen will attend the Derby at Epsom Downs.

There is also a Platinum Party at the Palace on Saturday 4 June, where the BBC will stage a special live concert at Buckingham Palace to ‘bring some of the world’s biggest entertainment stars’ to ‘celebrate the most significant and joyous moments from the Queen’s seven decade reign.

The Countess, who is known to have a close relationship with the Queen, said her Jubilee celebrations would be ‘wonderful’ 

The clip surfaced online today after Christopher Biggins claimed the Queen is using a wheelchair and is cancelling engagements because she is ‘proud’ and ‘doesn’t want to be seen’ struggling.

Speaking on GB News yesterday, the panto star said: ‘It’s so very sad and I hope she is able to make her anniversary celebrations.

‘I have heard that the reason she’s not doing a lot of the events that she should be doing and cancelling them is because she is in a wheelchair.

‘She doesn’t want to be seen because she’s very proud.’

It comes after reports Buckingham Palace has a meticulously orchestrated ‘military-style’ plan to take the Queen, 95, to Prince Philip’s memorial service next week.

The operation is said to include flying Her Majesty from Windsor Castle to Buckingham Palace by helicopter, transporting her by car, and using a private screen to shield her from photographers. 

One source told the Mail on Sunday that Her Majesty does not want to be seen in public in a wheelchair over fears of replicating a ‘haunting’ photo taken of her late sister Princess Margaret in the months before her death. 

She continues to carry out short engagements in person, such as holding private audiences at Windsor Castle, but pulled out of the annual Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey last Monday. 

The Queen has cancelled official engagements because she doesn’t want to be seen in a wheelchair, Christopher Biggins claimed yesterday. Pictured, the Queen in October 2021

The Queen has used a walking stick on a number of public engagements but has never been seen in a wheelchair.  

MailOnline has contacted Buckingham Palace for comment. 

It comes after the Queen pulled out of the Commonwealth Day service last week over concerns for her ‘comfort’ on the 60-mile trip, and whether she could manage having to sit in Westminster Abbey for more than an hour.  

But she is determined, sources say, to attend the thanksgiving service for the Duke of Edinburgh, who died last April at the age of 99.   

The Queen wants to walk for as long as possible and has so far ruled out using a wheelchair in public. 

But according to the Sun, the option of assistance has been explored so she can get around The Cloisters, the south and east parts, more rapidly and in comfort. 

The Queen is expected to be flown 15 minutes by helicopter from Windsor Castle to Buckingham Palace. 

The head of state will then be driven the short distance from the Palace to Westminster Abbey, reports the Sun on Sunday. 

The entire Dean’s Yard will be sealed off under the plans, which also include six-foot privacy screens and a potential football-style tunnel which would block any photographer’s view as she exits her vehicle.

Aides then believe she can be delivered into the Abbey at Poets’ Corner and needs only a short walk to take her seat in The Sanctuary.

The is determined, sources say, to attend the thanksgiving service for the Duke of Edinburgh, who died last April at the age of 99. A plan is said to be put in place to make it possible

Whether she can be seated before the audience arrives rather than arriving last, as is tradition, is also being explored.   

Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine, told the Sun: ‘Understandably, the Queen doesn’t want to be seen in a wheelchair.

‘But as the Head of State and someone who wants to be seen and needs to be seen, she might concede to a wheelchair. The best way of doing that is to make sure there are no photographs taken.

‘This could be a dress rehearsal for everything at the Platinum Jubilee. I think she wants to go as she knows Philip would want her to be there.

‘She will be thinking that if it was her thanksgiving ceremony, he would move Heaven and Earth to make sure he was there.

‘She would really hate to miss it. It is a headache for her staff as it would be difficult for anyone of her age who suffers mobility problems. It would be a painful process for her.’

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