Sophies gesture shows strong closeness with King Charles, claims expert

King Charles and Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh have been spotted laughing and having a good time together at Royal Ascot.

Body language exerts Judi James analysed their non-verbal communication and claimed to spot five signs that show the “closeness” between the pair.

Judi also compared their relationship to the special bond Sophie shared with her late father-in-law, Prince Philip, but with King Charles, their style is “different”.

The expert commented: “There are parallels here to the close relationship Sophie enjoyed with Charles’s father Prince Philip but Charles and Sophie’s body language here suggests a very different style of relationship bonding.

“Sophie tended to be playful but also slightly distanced from her father-in-law but with Charles here she looks tactile, warm and supportive.

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“The current royal women seem to be creating a rather caring and empathetic group around the new King.

“It was Kate placing an arm around him at the funeral and Zara raced to hug him here at Ascot.”

Judi claimed to identify at least five non-verbal cues Sophie uses “to show the closeness between them and they all suggest hints of concern and support”.

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She explained: “Touching him on the arm to attract his attention looks like a rather gentle form of social dominance as well as affection.

“Proximity is also a strong signal. The pair stand close to suggest an in-depth conversation.

“Exclusivity also occurs. Camilla is close but not included in the conversation. An even stronger signal of exclusivity comes when Sophie appears to put her hand up in front of her mouth to whisper to Charles.”

Judi continued and explained that mirroring is a sure sign of closeness. “Sophie and Charles laugh in a similar way and enjoy the racing using mirrored rituals”.

She added: “Their changes of emotional state looks synchronised too, Sophie clearly knows when to use active listening signals and gestures of concern and when to share a joke.”

King Charles, Queen Camilla, the Duchess of Edinburgh and Kate and William, Prince and Princess of Wales, are expected to attend Royal Ascot today, June 23. 

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