Star-Studded Dinners: 10 Most Expensive Restaurants For Celebrity-Spotting In Italy

Italy is renowned for its rich culinary heritage and is home to some of the world’s most luxurious and exclusive restaurants. These establishments offer exceptional cuisine and attract celebrities from around the globe. From the charming town of Cernobbio to the heart of Rome, these restaurants provide a glimpse into the world of luxury and exclusivity. This article explores the eight most expensive restaurants in Italy that have become celebrity hotspots.

Several celebrities, from Hollywood A-listers like Robert De Niro and George Clooney to high-profile bureaucrats like Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton, visit Italy and engage in the culinary delights provided by these restaurants.

8 Pierluigi – $50 Per Person

Pierluigi is a charming seafood restaurant that has been serving exquisite dishes since 1938 in the heart of Rome’s historic center. Its elegant outdoor terrace and cozy interior offer a delightful dining experience. Pierluigi is famous for its fresh seafood, including oysters, lobster, and prawns. Celebrities like Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, Jude Law, Mark Zuckerberg, and Charlize Theron have been spotted enjoying the culinary delights at Pierluigi, as per Forbes.

7 Il Gatto Nero – $90 Per Person

Located in the picturesque town of Cernobbio, Il Gatto Nero is a charming restaurant serving exquisite Italian cuisine since 1965. With its elegant ambiance and stunning views of Lake Como, it has become a favorite among celebrities, especially George Clooney, who is friends with the owner Paolo. Il Gatto Nero is renowned for its seafood specialties, including the famous ‘risotto with perch.’ The average price for a meal here ranges from $60 to $90 per person.

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6 La Colombetta – $109 Per Person

Nestled in the heart of Como, Italy, La Colombetta is an elegant and traditional Italian restaurant renowned for its refined cuisine and charming atmosphere. With a modern twist on classic Italian dishes, the menu offers culinary delights such as risotto with porcini mushrooms, spaghetti with clams, and grilled octopus. La Colombetta boasts an extensive wine list featuring some of Italy’s finest selections to complement the exquisite flavors. Guests can enjoy their meals in the restaurant’s beautiful garden, which adds a touch of natural beauty to the dining experience. Apart from its delicacies, La Colombetta is known for hosting several celebrities, including Robert De Niro, Mick Jagger, and U2’s The Edge.

5 .Ristorante Pagnanelli – $100 Per Person

Nestled on the shores of Lake Albano, Ristorante Pagnanelli is a luxurious restaurant that offers breathtaking views of the lake and the surrounding countryside. Its elegant dining room and terrace provide the perfect setting for a romantic meal or a special occasion. The restaurant specializes in seafood and traditional Italian dishes prepared with the finest ingredients. Celebrity guests, including Keanu Reeves, Nicolas Cage, Daniel-Day Lewis, and Katherine Zeta-Jones, have praised the culinary delights at Ristorante Pagnanelli.

4 Antica Pesa – $140 Per Person

Situated in the heart of Rome’s Trastevere neighborhood, Antica Pesa is a historic restaurant attracting celebrities for decades. Its rustic yet sophisticated atmosphere, adorned with vintage photographs and artwork, creates a unique dining experience. Antica Pesa offers a diverse menu featuring traditional Roman dishes with a modern twist. The restaurant is a significant celebrity magnet, and some of its notable celebrity patrons include Robert De Niro, Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Craig, Tom Hiddleston, Scarlet Johansson, Bradley Cooper, and Jennifer Lopez, to name a few, as per America Domani. The average cost for a meal at Antica Pesa can go up to $140 per person.

3 Salumeria Roscioli – $140 Per Person

Located in the heart of Rome, Salumeria Roscioli is a gourmet deli and restaurant with a reputation for its exceptional quality and service. The restaurant offers a wide selection of cured meats, cheeses, and wines, allowing guests to create their personalized tasting experience. As per OK Magazine, Salumeria Roscioli has attracted celebrities such as Armie Hammer and Gwyneth Paltrow, who appreciate its authentic Italian flavors. The average price for a meal at Salumeria Roscioli can go up to $140 Per Person, and the reservation charge stands around $27.

2 La Pergola – $250 Per Person

Situated atop Rome’s Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria hotel, La Pergola is the only three Michelin-starred restaurant in the city that offers a truly unforgettable dining experience. Its panoramic city views and refined ambiance have become a favorite among discerning celebrities. La Pergola is renowned for its innovative and artistic cuisine, expertly crafted by chef Heinz Beck. The average cost for a meal at La Pergola can go up to a whopping $250 Per Person.

1 Osteria Francescana – $300 Per Person

Located in Modena, Osteria Francescana is a world-renowned restaurant awarded three Michelin stars. Helmed by chef Massimo Bottura, it is known for its avant-garde approach to Italian cuisine. Osteria Francescana is often tagged as the Best Restaurant in the world and has been featured in several TV shows like Master of None, Chef’s Table, and Somebody Feed Phil.

Italy’s most expensive restaurants offer exceptional cuisine and provide a glimpse into the world of luxury and exclusivity. From the shores of Lake Como to the heart of Rome, these celebrity hotspots attract renowned personalities from around the globe. Whether it’s the stunning views, the innovative culinary creations, or the impeccable service, these restaurants offer an unforgettable experience for those seeking the finest dining in Italy.

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