Sweet Seal Pair Shares Smooches and Smiles While Lounging Together on Sunny Beach

These heart-warming photos show the moment a pair of seals seem to enjoy a little "smooch" on the beach as the waves crashed behind the.

The two animals were completely "in their own world" as they shared a tender embrace at the water's edge, said photographer Wayne Havenhand.

The seals were completely oblivious to Havenhand creeping closer to them to capture their romantic moment, as they shared a cuddle and a smooch at Horsey Beach, in Norfolk, England on Saturday.

Havenhand said the adorable pair of grey seals stayed in their position beside each other for at least 20 minutes – and likened it to a scene from a romantic film.

The wildlife photography enthusiast, from Bedlington, Northumberland, said: "It was just so sweet."

"It reminded me of that beach scene from the film From Here To Eternity, with Burt Lancaster," he added. "The bigger seal, which had its flipper draped over the other one, was really gentle and tender. They were just enjoying the moment, in their own little world. It was lovely to watch."

Havenhand, a site manager for a building firm, had driven for five hours through the middle of the night from Northumberland to Norfolk, to see the seals early in the morning, while the beach was still quiet.

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