'The Bachelorette': Does Hannah B. Like Luke P. Because She 'Can Relate' To The Season Villain?

We’ve only just begun Hannah Brown’s Bachelorette journey, and already she seems to have formed some connections with a few of the men. She gave her first impression rose to contestant Luke Parker. Luke P. was the first man to pull her aside after her introductory toast and the first and only man to comfort her after she found out that one of the contestants, Scott Anderson, came on the show with a girlfriend. In addition to obviously appreciating his initiative, the two seem to have a pretty flirtatious connection.

“I think she was kind of vibing with Luke,” fellow former Bachelor contestant Hannah Godwin told ET. “I could tell they were vibing a little bit. There’s obviously a fling there.”

Though Hannah G. sees that her friend has a crush, she’s a bit wary of the first impression rose winner since the previews showed him getting pretty aggressive towards other contestants.   

“He obviously has a lot of different sides, so hopefully she sees all of them,” she said, referring to the teased scene of Luke P. yelling in a contestant’s face.

Why Hannah B. doesn’t mind dating a villain   

After the preview for the season aired during Hannah B.’s first episode, Bach fans at home are worried that Hannah B. might have given her first impression rose to the season villain.

But in another interview with ET, Hannah B. mentioned that she plans on sympathizing with any villains because she’s been there, too.   

“In the beginning, some people were like ‘Is she our season villain?’ and now America loves you,” said ET’s Lauren Zima.  

“Yeah I know, I’m aware,” laughed Hannah B.

But Hannah B. thinks her unconventional Bachelor journey is what will make her such a good Bachelorette.  

“I think it helps me for my season,” she said. “I think I can be compassionate and relatable to every man that’s gonna walk through that door because I was everything that walked through there. I did grow. I was the villain. I was the emotional trainwreck. I was the friend. I just feel like I can relate to a lot of different places. I didn’t just coast through at all. I wasn’t just coasting in the back corner, that’s for sure.”

She added: “Honestly, I think my journey not being the easiest is gonna help me be understanding and compassionate for the men that come through the door.”

So even if Luke P. is the season villain, sounds like that doesn’t bother Hannah B. She knows the show’s producers can push people to their breaking points and edit them in a way that may make them appear different than how they really are.

According to The Ashley, “any contestant that goes on the show has to agree to allow the producers to reveal information about them that, ‘may be embarrassing, unfavorable, humiliating, and/or derogatory and/or may portray him or her in a false light,’ according to the show’s official eligibility rules.”   

We’ll have to wait and see just how villainous Luke P. becomes, and if Hannah B. will mind.

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