The first Mercury retrograde is closer than you think (and we know when the other three will be too)

For astrology lovers, Mercury is known to be the ruler of communication  and when the planet is in retrograde, chaos and confusion can ensue. If you’re looking to get ahead of it, these are the key dates to look out for.

We’ve all heard the saying Mercury is in retrograde and often attributed the chaos in our livesand string of bad communication down to it.

The planet is known for being the ruler of communication, travel and technology, and allows us to articulate ourselves well and understand information from listening, writing, speaking and reading.

But when the planet is in retrograde and its orbit is suddenly in reverse, these things can get a little out of whack, causing blunders among our interpersonal relationships and communication with others.

Mercury passes by our planet three or four times each year, and for astrology lovers, knowing when this will take place is key to mentally getting prepared for the tumultuous period that is approaching – and we have the answers for you.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac, a trusted source for astronomical data, has highlighted the retrograde periods for 2022 that people should look out for.

The first retrograde is expected to start sooner than many would expect, with predictions expecting it to begin on 14 January and end on 3 February  (yep, it’s all about to kick off one week from now).

The second retrograde will begin on 10 May and end on 2 June, with the third astrological event taking place from 9 September until 2 October.

The final Mercury retrograde of 2022 will start on 29 December and end 18 January, 2023, meaning we’ll be starting our year on a rather strange note.

So there you have it, the four very key periods to watch out for. And if you’re worried about how best to ride the retrograde wave, The Old Farmer’s Almanac suggests trying to remain “flexible, patient and understanding” – oh, and double-check your emails, texts and letters just in case of any slip-ups.

Happy 2022!

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