This $9 Comforting & Soothing Cat Toy Is Both Kitten & Owner-Approved

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When you have a kitten (or a cat that’s well in their double-digit age), you know they can get anxious over strange things. Whether it be the roaring thunder or even the sink, all cats, like humans, have the things that make them anxious. For many cats, it’s the separation anxiety that gets to them.

We try to do everything we can: leave the TV on, give them some of our favorite shirts to smell when we’re gone, and more. But now, for less than $10, we may have just found the go-to for both ourselves and our kittens for rectifying this common issue.

Petstages Cat Pillow

$9.85, originally $16.49


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The Petstages Pur Pillow is a cozy and comforting toy that’s both cat and owner approved for soothing even the most anxious kittens in your home. Both calming and super-soft, this touch-activated toy has helped so many cats with separation anxiety stay relaxed. How does it do it? It exudes a low purring sound that reminds kittens of their mamas, lulling them to sleep.

Per the brand, this toy is perfect for a cat of any age and all you have to do to activate it is press the pillow for the purring sound to come on and off.

With over 17,000 reviews on Amazon alone (and with 75 percent being positive reviews), so many people swear by this for their little anxious fur babies. One Amazon shopper said, “Cats really do need these they look forward to it as a special companion to nap with and not feel alone, just as kittens need something with them when they are very young. Even having 2 cats they still individually like to have something special. This is a great idea!”

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Another shopper added it’s “great for suckling kitten missing his momma,” adding, “Our kitten and his litter mates had to be bottle fed and they weren’t raised with their mother. He was always trying to suckle on our necks until we bought the purring “baby” for him. He just loves it and he no longer wants to suckle on our necks. Would buy again 100%.”

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