This graphic sex scene on Netflix has 'scarred' viewers 'for life'

‘I’ve never been more disturbed in my life’: Netflix viewers are left horrified by ‘messed-up’ and VERY graphic sex scene in bizarre horror series Brand New Cherry Flavor that has left many ‘scarred for life’

  • Brand New Cherry Flavor debuted on Netflix in August 2021, however a particularly graphic scene from episode four of the series has recently gone viral
  • TikTok users drew attention to the sex scene and sparked a trend in which people filmed their horrified blind reactions to the footage 
  • The horror drama series details the story of Brazilian director Lisa N. Nova who moves to LA and is betrayed by a movie producer whose advances she rejected
  • Keen to seek revenge, she asks a witch to curse him, however Lisa has to pay a price for the curse, which sees her begin to vomit up newborn kittens 
  • In the fourth episode of the series, Lisa finds a wound on her stomach from which a newborn kitten is born, much to the shock of her new boyfriend, Roy 
  • However he quickly overcomes his horror and the pair begin to kiss, with Roy at one point putting his entire hand inside of Lisa’s stomach wound 
  • The clip has left viewers horrified, with many taking to TikTok and Twitter to voice their upset and outrage over the incredibly gory sex scene 

An incredibly graphic and ‘disturbing’ sex scene has left Netflix viewers in uproar – with many complaining that they have been ‘scarred for life’ by the gruesome footage from horror drama series Brand New Cherry Flavor.  

The bizarre series was originally released on the streaming site in August 2021, however a particularly ‘messed-up’ scene from the fourth episode has recently gone viral after TikTok users began filming their ‘blind reactions’ to the gruesome clip. 

In the past week, dozens of videos have been posted to the app by horrified users who were left disgusted by the scene – which has also earned a slew of outraged reactions on Twitter. 

Almost all of the people who have recorded themselves watching the scene have been left open-mouthed in shock over its contents, which have been described as ‘disturbing’, ‘horrifying’, ‘messed-up’ and which many have said ‘scarred them for life’. 

Netflix viewers have been left ‘scarred for life’ after watching a particularly graphic sex scene in horror drama series Brand New Cherry Flavor 

The ‘disturbing’ scene takes place in the fourth episode of the series, which was originally released in August 2021  but has gone viral in the past week 

The series itself, which is based on a 1996 book by the same name, tells the story of a Brazilian director called Lisa N. Nova, played by actress Rosa Salazar, who moves to Los Angeles in the hopes of leading her first major feature film. 

Brand New Cherry Flavor tells the story of a budding director who moves to LA, curses a man who betrayed her, and ends up vomiting newborn kittens as a result of the spell

‘A filmmaker heads to Hollywood in the early ’90s to make her movie but tumbles down a hallucinatory rabbit hole of sex, magic, revenge — and kittens,’ the Netflix description reads.  

After moving to Hollywood, Nova meets a producer-director by the name of Lou Burke – played by Eric Lange – who ultimately betrays her when she spurns his advances, prompting the budding director to enlist the help of a witch to curse him in revenge for his cruel behavior. 

However Nova is forced to pay an incredibly strange price curse, which was performed by a witch named Boro: shortly after the spell was enacted, Nova begins to vomit up newborn kittens, which are then collected by a zombie who delivers them back to the witch. 

While the plotline itself has left many viewers scratching their heads in confusion, it is a particularly peculiar and gruesome sex scene in the fourth episode of the series that has prompted a flurry of shocked and outraged reactions.  

The scene, which takes place half-way through episode four, begins with Nova discovering a wound on her stomach. Initially horrified by the injury, she begins to touch it, which seemingly starts to turn her on.  

However moments later she screams in pain as a newborn kitten is ‘born’ from the lesion, leaving the director writhing around in pain on the bathroom floor. 

Unbelievably, things only get more horrifying from there. 

Nova is comforted by her new beau, Roy, whom she tells all about her strange affliction, before the pair begin to kiss. 

While embracing, Roy begins to touch the wound and eventually puts his entire hand inside it when Nova appears to become more aroused, before the duo have sex on the bed of a motel room.  

The baffling scene has left viewers stunned, and has prompted a series of very entertaining reaction videos, many of which were posted in response to a TikTok user named Cody, who urged other people on the app to record themselves watching the scene after admitting he couldn’t actually get through the whole thing himself. 

‘You want to see the most messed-up sex scene I have ever seen in my life?’ he asks in his post. 

‘It’s a heterosexual, consensual sex scene in this show and I was so uncomfortable with it that I couldn’t watch it.’  

Some have been left so disgusted by the clip that they couldn’t bear to continue watching it 

believe me you this we cannot act this is a true genuine reaction #eyeviolated #jumpscare #triggerwarning

One man chose to watch the clip while sitting with his pet cat – a bizarre choice given the role that felines play in the show, and indeed in the sex scene itself 

have we been doing it wrong??????

Some viewers have also taken to Twitter to express their horror over the show  

He added in the caption: ‘It takes a lot to make me uncomfortable.’ 

Despite Cody’s warnings about the graphic and ‘uncomfortable’ nature of the sex scene, dozens of TikTok users raced to watch the gruesome clip for themselves, with several responding to his clip with videos of their own. 

Many of the TikTokers posting their clips admitted that they had little knowledge about the show’s plotline, recording themselves skipping past the first three episodes and fast forwarding directly to the now-infamous scene in the fourth episode.   

One user, named Vanessa, shared a video of herself and a friend watching the scene, which began with the pair joking about just how uncomfortable the clip would end up being. 

‘Apparently this Netflix show called Brand New Cherry Flavor has this sex scene that’s… uncomfortable. We’re going to record our reaction it, OK? Alright,’ Vanessa says at the start of the clip.  

Their humor quickly turned to horror however – with both women opening their mouths in disgust at what unfolded on the screen in front of them while screaming: ‘What is that? What is that?!’  

Before the sex scene takes place, Nova is seen writhing around in pain on the bathroom floor after a newborn kitten emerged from the wound on her stomach 

After Nova informs her new boyfriend Roy about her very strange affliction, the pair get intimate, and he is seen sticking his entire hand inside her wound  

Dozens of other equally-appalled viewers went on to share their own reactions, with many urging their followers to avoid the show at all costs. 

‘I have never been more disturbed in my life DO NOT GO WATCH,’ one person captioned their clip, while another chimed in: ‘I was not expecting anything even close to what I just watched.’

‘WTAF is going on,’ one person exclaimed. ‘Sir you are literally going to kill her. What is this show even about?!’  

Meanwhile on Twitter, users have been left just as upset and outraged by the scene, with one person posting a meme of themselves putting Holy Water into their eyes in an attempt to cleanse the clip from their minds. 

Another person simply said of the scene: ‘I want to die.’ 

‘Welp, that was… disturbing,’ added another.  

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