Three ways you’ve been ‘pooing wrong’ according to an NHS doctor

An NHS surgeon has said you've been pooing wrong in a TikTok video that has been watched more than one million times.

In the video, captioned "stop making these three toilet mistakes", Dr Karan Rajan @dr.karanr explains how your bog seat habits could be harming your body.

He first warns about the dangers of "sitting for more than 10 minutes" and tells his followers: "The longer you spend on the throne the more pressure on the rectal veins.

"These can swell up and cause hemorrhoids which cause pain itching and bleeding."

Secondly, he tells people to "stop straining" to avoid damaging the delicate area.

The doctor says: "Straining can cause hard stools to tear the lining of your anus leading to anal fissures.

It can also cause pelvic floor muscles to weaken, causing incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse

Dr Karan then warns against "aggressive wiping" and jokes: "If you are wiping your butt crack aggressively like you are polishing a trophy, this is going to leave you with cracked dry skin and itchy butt known as pruritus ani

"Use a bidet, a wet wipe, or be gentle," he suggests.

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Obviously, if you go down the wet wipe route do not flush them down the toilet because it can block your drain or cause scary "fatbergs" in the sewers.

The surgeon uploaded the video on Monday (June 21) and thousands of people commented and confessed their own poor toilet habits.

One person joked: "So no more sandpaper?"

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Another TikTok user said: "I know I've sat on the toilet too long when both my legs fall asleep then I'm stuck even longer because I can't stand up."

Someone else joked: "Did anyone else watch this on the toilet? No? Yeah me either."

"I was literally wiping aggressively when he said it," shared another.

Sounding a bit disappointed, a viewer commented: "Damn I spend so much time on the toilet. Just be sitting there and chilling if I have my phone with me."

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