Top 40 non-negotiable little pleasures even despite the cost-of-living crisis

Despite millions feeling the cost-of-living pinch, Brits will not compromise quality time with loved ones, their love of books – and owning a car. A poll of 2,000 adults found 85 percent have had to make lifestyle adjustments because of the rising prices – but of these, 63 percent say they are still putting cash aside for life’s little pleasures.

Some of those in the top 10 include spending quality time alone or with loved ones, catching up with friends, and watching the latest films.

And one in six ensure they’re still taking a trip to the cinema every month or more.

Long walks, haircuts, and good quality toilet roll were other absolute non-negotiables, according to respondents.

The research was commissioned by Vue Entertainment to coincide with its Super Saver tickets – available for under a fiver when booked online – being offered for use at more of its screenings than ever before.

A spokesman from the big screen entertainment operator said: “It has been interesting to see what pleasures and treats people are still choosing to prioritise, even though many are cutting back on luxuries at the moment.

“The research has revealed a real variation of responses, but also how many of these are because they provide a real boost in difficult times.

“And the stats also show how many of these boosts aren’t big things, but it’s the small everyday treats that keep people going.”

More than half (55 percent) said the changes they’ve had to make have impacted their lifestyle as a result of the cost-of-living crisis – with 45 percent saying their personal life has been affected, while for 27 percent it is their social life.

However, respondents have an average of four “non negotiables”, with 42 percent believing they’re important for mental health, while a third said life would be more boring without them.

And 61 percent get a real boost from little pleasures, with 43 percent believing these to be more impactful now at a time when money is tight.

It also emerged 29 percent now place more value on everyday occurrences since the cost-of-living crisis began.

And 53 percent of those polled, via OnePoll, would be inclined to watch films on the big screen were there a reduction to ticket prices at certain times.

Screen and sound quality, as well as comfortable seats, were what people enjoy most about going to the cinema, with a quarter enjoying the opportunity to completely switch off.

And it’s a family affair for 31 percent, who take their children – while 58 percent go with their partner.

The spokesman from Vue Entertainment added: “The main “non-negotiable” for those responding to the survey was spending time with loved ones, with a sense of community and “me time” also being on the list.

“The big screen can provide all of these and more – not to mention people’s desire to watch the latest films, a pleasure that features in the top 10 responses.

“We want to ensure that people can still enjoy a trip to our venues, and can do so on a budget that suits them.”

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