Trolls tell me to go to gym – but Ill still wear a bikini and I dont care

A body positive influencer hit back at fat-shaming trolls by unleashing curves in a bikini.

Dani Musgrave, from New Zealand, is often showered with adoration thanks to her self-love content she posts on TikTok.

The beauty racked up 17,000 TikTok followers thanks to her mission of "helping you feel confident in your own body".

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But, not everyone is so supportive of Dani and her passion to help others feel good.

In a recent clip, the stunner shared the awful remarks left by trolls under her body positive clips.

"Go to the gym," one hater jibed. Another sneered: "Jump scare."

Others mocked Dani and asked her for "bulking tips".

Some trolls jeered that the "cut will be insane" – making the assumption that Dani is planning to "bulk" to shred – or cut – her body in the gym.

Instead of letting the trolls get to her, Dani admitted she finds the hateful comments and funny.

And she certainly got the last laugh here.

After Dani revealed the mean screenshots from trolls, she flaunted her gorgeous body in a green bikini in response.

"Point of view: people think you care bout their opinion… but I don't care", Dani declared as she posed on the edge of her bed.

Dani added: "When people find out I laugh at their hate comments they gonna be embarrassed."

Impressed with the influencer's response, many people fled to the comments to praise her.

One person commented: "You are a normal healthy looking young girl. Why are people so mean?

"Hurt people hurt people. Keep rocking your stuff."

Another user added: "They’re just jealous because you’re so pretty."

While a third voiced: "These people just scream insecurity lol normal people don’t say stuff like that. You rock."

Someone else cheered: "We need more people as loving to their body as you."

Meanwhile, a fifth declared: "You're beautiful.

"Never let anyone's words bring you down."

And this user urged: "Don’t listen to anyone else.

"Keep doing you."


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