Turf wars! Hilarious snaps reveal neighbours' VERY petty antics

Turf wars! Hilarious snaps reveal neighbours’ VERY petty antics – from a divorce yard sale to taking a swipe with a WiFi network name

  • People from around the world have shared snaps of their neighbours’ antics 
  • From the cruel to the bizarre, they reveal just how strange people can be 
  • One homeowner suffered when a cactus crashed through the garden wall 
  • Another was left baffled when a human-shaped parcel was left outside 

The pandemic has meant we have spent more time than ever living in close proximity to our neighbours. But as these photos prove, that’s not always a good thing.  

Social media snaps from around the world reveal the bizarre, petty and downright rude behaviour people have to put up with from their neighbours.  

The gallery, collated by My Health Gazette, reveals how some people have no issue airing their dirty laundry in public – with one man putting up a sign for a ‘divorce yard sale’.

Elsewhere an American homeowner was left disappointed when their neighbour only shovelled the snow from their side of the driveway and stairs.  

Another was left perplexed when a human-shaped parcel was delivered to the flat next door. Here, FEMAIL shares some of the best submissions… 

What about my side? This homeowner, believed to be from the US, was disappointed to return home and discover only their neighbour’s side of the steps had been cleared of snow

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