Vacationer rescues dog from drowning while visiting lake with girlfriend and her mom

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Heroes are never really on vacation.

A young man jumped into action and rescued a dog that had gotten stuck in some thick reeds in a lake. According to the dog’s owner, the beloved pet would’ve likely drowned if he hadn’t been rescued so quickly.

Connor Telfer rescued a dog named Charlie from a lake at Penllergare Valley Woods.

Connor Telfer was headed on vacation when he decided to stop by Penllergare Valley Woods in the United Kingdom with his girlfriend and her mom, Southwest News Service (SWNS) reports. While there, he ended up on the same beach as Jane Warner, who had her two dogs with her.

Charlie, one of the dogs, was running in and out of the water and eventually started chasing some ducks around.

“We all laughed it was so funny to see the ducks leading him round and round,” Warner told SWNS. “However, our moods suddenly changed when the ducks led Charlie into some reeds and swam away from him.”

The small dog apparently found himself stuck in the reeds and was visibly struggling to stay above water.

“Connor didn’t hesitate,” Warner explained, “just kicked his trainers off and was straight in the water and straight to Charlie who had gone under at this point. Connor then grabbed Charlie but got tangled in the reeds himself so was kicking to untangled himself and paddled with difficulty going under himself several times until they got back to shore. He put Charlie down and just collapsed on a nearby stone at the side of the water.”

Apparently, Connor had never been swimming before, which made the rescue “more incredible” in Warner’s eyes.

She said, “He said the water was deeper than he thought and he couldn’t put his feet down and really struggled. As it was freezing cold he was shaking, vomiting, and clearly in shock. It was incredible to get Charlie back to shore.”

Warner continued, “Charlie is my world, I’m chronically ill and he and Titch are a massive lifeline to me on days when I can’t even get out of bed. So to get him back after watching helplessly at the drama unfold was overwhelming.  I am taking Connor out tonight for a meal as a big thank you and will also be giving him a reward.”

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