Vintage video game collection worth $100K uncovered in hoarder's former house

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Buying old video games can be dirty work sometimes.

A couple that buys and sells old video games (among other items) recently came across a “once in a lifetime” find while visiting a demolition sale at the house of a person who was hoarding items – a collection of video games worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Aimee and Korbin run a Youtube channel called Cheap Finds Gold Mines where they detail their business of buying and selling old items. They spoke with Fox News and said that retro video games were one of their main resources is old video games.

Korbin explained that the couple had recently received a tip about a sale at a house that was not in great condition. While the duo says they mainly focus on thrift shops and other outlets, they decided to check out the sale.

The house had previously been occupied by a man who had apparently starting hoarding collectibles in the mid-80s after the death of a close family member. The previous occupant had recently been removed for medical reasons and his family was running the sale in preparation to sell the house.

One of the items that the man had hoarded was video games, and he had a collection that was estimated to be valued at $100,000. Many of the items, which also included limited-edition controllers, had never been taken out of their original shrink wrap.

Aimee and Korbin run a Youtube channel called Cheap Finds Gold Mines where they detail their business of buying and selling old items.
(Cheap Finds Gold Mines)

Korbin explained that he and Amy had arrived two days after the sale had started and had apparently missed out on some very valuable games (including a sealed copy of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for the Nintendo GameCube). He says they were still able to pick up some valuable items including Resident Evil: Code Veronica X for the GameCube.

The couple believes that they were able to score about $20,000 worth of items. The entire collection, they said, consisted of games from most major consoles.

While they were visiting the house, the door to a backroom was finally opened after being locked for several years. It was unclear for how long it had been closed off, but several valuable games were found behind the door.

Sealed, retro video games can apparently sell for a significantly higher amount of money. That number can go even higher, Korbin says, if the game is sent to a grading company, given a grade and then sealed in a plastic shell.

When it comes to selling retro games, Korbin believes that there are only about 100 games across all platforms that are worth thousands of dollars individually. He explained that his “bread and butter” was finding games at various thrift stores, buying them for a dollar and then selling them for $20-$30. 

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