Walmart customers wearing the strangest things

Aisle be damned! Shoppers reveal the VERY unusual outfits they’ve spotted in the supermarket – from a woman wrapped in her duvet to a man dressed as a hotdog

  • The Money Time has curated photos of Walmart customers wearing odd things 
  • Among them are a man dressed as a hotdog and another as Spiderman
  • Another wears a shirt threatening to punch anyone who doesn’t socially distance

Have you ever seen someone wearing something unique, or maybe behaving in an unusual way while you’re doing your weekly shopping? 

Perhaps a person dressed as a hot dog or a sporting a Spider-Man costume? If you answer yes, then you’re not aloneThe Money Time has compiled a list of photos of Walmart customers – claiming that the US store has the ‘wackiest’ clientele.

Among the shoppers snapped are a man toting an enormous gun and holster while grabbing some groceries, and another wearing a snorkel.

Other strange outfits include a woman wrapped in a duvet as well as a man wearing shirt threatening to punch anyone who fails to socially distance appropriately.

Here, FEMAIL rounds up the weirdest and wackiest supermarket shoppers… 

A hot look! It’s not always easy to find the perfect outfit – deciding how casual or formal you should be, or what type of processed meat you should dress as

Looks like this lady has taken the concept of a ‘duvet day’ far too literally. You’re meant to leave the comforter on the bed

Nothing to see here! One ominous shot shows a plague doctor purchasing a six-pack of Corona Premiere and a large bag of limes

This masked shopper looks less superhero, and more slightly nervous. Maybe they are just unsure of their outfit choice 

Perhaps one day we will look back on people who wore masks and snorkels in Walmart stores as geniuses who were ahead of their time

If there’s one thing you just don’t see enough of these days, it’s people wearing unicorn onesies in Walmart’s soda aisle 

The most unusual thing about this man’s attire is his enormous gun holster and gun. Some may say it’s a bit over the top for a simple trip to buy toilet paper

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While this couple’s intentions are likely in the right place, it’s definitely an unusual move to wear sanitary towels as protective face masks 

Am optical illusion: this man is wearing a T-shirt featuring a caricatured silhouette of a woman, and not actually a female in a bikini 

Is that a rhetorical question, or is it more of a threat? Because it sounds like more of a threat to us – at least this man is committed to social distancing

This lady’s unusual style choice has seen her opt for a short/trouser hybrid garment, with one very rolled leg, and one long

If one look has taken the make-up world by storm in recent years, it’s big eyebrows. And this lady has possibly the biggest yet 

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