We look like an innocent couple – but we have a secret naughty career

A young couple have revealed that people often think they're "innocent" – but they have a naughty secret.

Tyler, 23, and Erin, work as a bricklayer and care worker by day, however they spend their evening making sexy videos to sell online.

The couple started an OnlyFans after friends said they could make decent money on there.

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However, the thrifty pair still have their day jobs – they just spend two hours a day uploading sexy content in the evenings.

The couple admit a lot of their family and pals are "shocked" by their alternative careers though.

"Our were just super shocked as we both seem very innocent," they told LatestDeals.co.uk.

The pair said they also have to deal with online hate, adding: "We have our fair share of haters and internet trolls.

"They will always try to bring us down but we don’t let it get to us."

Erin said Tyler first asked her about making the videos after talking to a couple who did it on TikTok.

She said: "We have both always loved having sex, so when Tyler came to me about the idea I basically said yes why not?

"We both go to our normal jobs. I work in social care and Tyler is a bricklayer. I finish at around 2:30pm and Tyler is done at 4pm.

"When we both get home we record around four TikToks to promote ourselves, then we take photos.

"Depending on how late it is we may record a video, but days always differ depending on how busy we get with our work. All together we probably only spend around two hours a day working on our OnlyFans content."

The couple said their OnlyFans earnings vary – but they roughly get around £6,500 a month from it.

"The money is really good and we can do it from the comfort of our own homes," said Erin.

"We both still work our full time jobs so doing OnlyFans is like a side hustle for us."

They claim they get some 'unusual requests' – such as urinating on each other and Erin changing her tampon on-screen – but they're not up for a lot of them.

"The rule is simple, if it’s outside of our comfort zone then we just say no," said Eric.

"We aren’t doing this to make as much money as possible, we are focused on having fun. Fortunately we are always having a good time thinking about different ideas for content."

The pair say the sexy videos have brought them close together.

Erin added: "Me and Tyler are closer as we are now open to trying new things.

"Everything is still the same as it was, it is just a side hustle for us and we have fun and are lucky enough to earn a good amount through doing it."


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