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WHATEVER happened to the girl boss?

According to a new study released this week from the Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST), young women want to enjoy work but don’t want to be leaders.

The report revealed ‘being a leader’ was ranked the lowest priority in a list of 17 career ambitions, below happiness, health and safety and working flexibly.

Kevin Stannard, director of learning at the GDST, said the responses showed a “resounding rejection of leadership as an aspiration”.

But added: "It is traditional models of leadership that are under scrutiny here, and current leaders — economic and political — stand accused of turning a generation off that stale male model."

So what can we do to help more women want to lead?

And how do we change the leadership culture to make it more appealing to modern women?

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Here are the Sun Jobs seven top tips to be a great female leader.

1. Collaborate

US First Lady and OG girl boss Eleanor Roosevelt said: “To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.”

Women leaders know staff aren’t there to be ‘bossed’, they are they to build the business with you.

2. Be a leader not a ‘boss’

Inspire and empower and coach, don’t control.

Don’t tell your staff what to do, make them realise they have the power to create the best way for themselves and for the company.

3. Do it your way

Forget channelling outdated and traditionally male behaviour.

Be yourself, find your own style. Think about bosses you’ve had in the past – bad and good, male or female – and what you’ve learned to build the path which works for you.

4. Hire up

Old-fashioned ‘Alpha’ bosses tend to be frightened of hiring those who know more than they do.

Recruiting someone with the potential to outshine you shows you are comfortable in your own abilities.

5. Reach a consensus

Women work best collaboratively not hieratically.

Reaching a decision may take a little longer as it needs reflection, trust and agreement – but when everyone has buy-in, they all pull in the same direction.

6. Empower everyone

A good leader lets everyone have a voice.

Actively ask for input and suggestions from even the most junior of staff.

You’ll uncover ideas you build the next generation of leaders too.

7. Call out negative language

Been branded ‘bossy’ as a woman boss, simply for being assertive?

Challenge negative stereotypes which wouldn’t be applied equally to a man.

Let’s be honest, there’s no best gender for being a great boss, but there are some top jobs to get you started climbing the leadership ladder.

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Here are Sun Jobs top picks of the week.

Take the lead with a top fashion brand and inspire your team to a very stylish level of success!

The Job: Partner Brand Leader – Selfridges London Menswear, AllSaints

As Partner Brand Leader, you’ll be responsible for leading, managing and motivating your team to deliver an exceptional brand experience to customers.

What You’ll Do: The role will involve great time management, resilience, multitasking and determination to ensure that the customer journey, the financial targets and delivery of business critical updates all happen appropriately.

You’ll Need: You’ll be an amazing leader, striving to get the best from your team, identifying strengths and inspiring teams to dazzle customers.

You’ll have a proven ability to grow talent with strong examples of team development and progression.

Apply Now: Find out more about the Partner Brand Leader job or browse all roles at All Saints.

Great leadership starts with hiring the right people, so where better to begin than this exciting HR role with a growing UK brand?

The Job:  Recruitment/Talent Manager, Leyland SDM

The Recruitment/Talent Manager will play a key part in developing and implementing Leyland SDM’s recruitment and talent plan.

You’ll develop the recruitment methods and tools used to attract the best talent.

What You’ll Do: You will design and deliver repeatable and innovative talent sourcing, multi-location and high-volume strategies, that deliver against headcount plans, on time and on budget.

You’ll Need: You’ll be a seasoned recruitment manager with extensive exposure to high volume recruitment at all levels.

You’ll be able to directly source candidates using an array of platforms and services.

Apply Now: Get the full Recruitment/Talent Manager details or check out all roles at Leyland SDM.

Ready for a real leadership challenge? This innovative position will see you influence big names nationally and shape their hiring strategies.

The Job: National Account Manager, Indeed

The National Account Manager builds deep partnerships with the country’s largest employers and their agencies to develop hiring solutions.

What You’ll Do: You will drive growth by promoting and selling Indeed products and services, oversee and manage large, complex, high visibility and strategic enterprise accounts and develop new accounts and expand existing ones.

You’ll Need: Three years’ of experience in an enterprise field sales environment and demonstrated success in building and growing new accounts and territories through consultative and solution based selling.

Apply Now: Get the full National Account Manager details or check out all roles at Indeed.

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