Woman flaunts mum bod in swimsuit to show her kids theres joy in movement

A woman with a size 16 postpartum body has hit back at cruel trolls who told her to lose weight by flaunting her curves in a swimsuit.

Bonnie Wyrick struggled with postpartum depression and anxiety after giving birth to her child last year.

But she managed to channel all the negative energy into self-love and confidence.

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The fashion guru is now using her TikTok account as a safe space to encourage people to be proud of who they are regardless of their age and clothing size.

In one post, she steps out of her house in a white swimsuit, showing her "mum bod".

Bonnie says: "To my babes afraid to wear the swimsuit because your body has changed, you have thick thighs, a belly, cellulite, and stretch marks, show [them] off."

She also mentioned in another video that her goal is not to lose weight but to celebrate and show love to her current body, as well as showing her daughters that "there is joy in movement".

But some keyboard warriors decided to tell Bonnie that she would look better if she dropped several stone.

"You were prettier before," another criticised.

Bonnie responded: "I'm fat but I'm also already gorgeous. These two aren't mutually exclusive."

She revealed that she never felt happy enough when she was skinny and now that she's at a bigger size with a belly and big thighs, she is loving life.

"I love me regardless of the size of my clothes," Bonnie explained.

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"My body will continue to change over time, but my value stays the same."

Many women were touched by Bonnie's videos and said she had reminded them to stay true to themselves.

"Ever since I found you on here, you've made me start to love myself more. Gaining weight is okay! I will gain my confidence thank you!" one shared.

Another commented: "I just love your positive attitude, thanks!"


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