Woman has been single for 10 yrs after botched surgery left her with wonky boobs

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A woman has struggled to find love for 10 years after botched surgery left her with saggy boobs.

Zoe Montgomerie has spent a decade looking for a boyfriend after waking up from the op that gave her different sized breasts and changed her nipples.

The 30-year-old, from Deal, Kent, said: "When I had them done, I had a boyfriend and as soon as he saw them, he didn't want anything to do with them. Men don't want to know and now I've stopped going out because I'm too embarrassed.

"I don't have relationships. The last time a lad got interested, as soon as he saw them, he didn't want to know.

"I've never been able to wear nice tops or dresses or bras and I wear jumpers even in the summer when its hot.”

As well as impacting Zoe’s relationships, the botched surgery has caused discomfort and made her feel self conscious.

She said: "They're painful, saggy, lumpy, one of the implants is ruptured and my nipples are in the wrong place.

"If I sit up or move, I can feel them and you can see them moving around, I have to rearrange them.

"When I'm out, it's really awkward and it's painful and uncomfortable.

"I used to go swimming but I can't go anymore because you can really see in a swimming costumes."

Zoe, who says she’s unemployed due to her autism, had jumped at the chance to have the plastic surgery.

As the autism medication she was on for nine years had stunted her growth, she hoped it would help her to look “normal”.

She said: "My boobs just stopped growing and by the time I looked 18, they looked pretty strange so I went for total breast reconstruction.

"I just wanted to look normal.

"I was so excited, I thought I was going to come out looking nice and normal, I didn't want massive boobs, they were only going to be a size C-D.”

Zoe booked in for the op at the age of 20 – but didn’t get the results she was expecting.

She explained: "I just wanted a nice chest but as soon as they started healing, they started to droop…

"When I woke up, I just thought, 'oh my god, what have you done?'.

"I've got no feeling in my nipple and it will never go back to normal.

"It affects my confidence hugely. I do have trouble socialising and it makes me not want to go out.

"I wear jumpers even in the summer when it's boiling because I think people are looking."

A decade on, Zoe has been advised to have another op.

She can’t get this for free on the NHS as reconstructive surgery is often only for cancer patients.

Zoe said: "My breasts got worst and one has ruptured again.

“It's uncomfortable and painful so I went back and they said things had changed and they could only help if you have cancer.”

In a bid to raise enough money for the op, Zoe and her mum, Sharon Elliott, 65, have set up a Go Fund Me page.

Zoe hopes the procedure would make her feel more free and confident.

She added: "They would need to take the implants out and completely reconstruct the breasts but I have to pay for it myself.

"They did say they would take out the implants but that would leave them even more saggy and deformed.

"It would make me so happy to have new boobs, I would feel so much more confident.

"I could wear nice, normal tops and comfortable bras."

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