Woman with flattest bum in universe slams trolls by saying her bootys cute

A woman who claims to have the "flattest bum in the universe" has hit back at trolls by saying her figure's "cute".

Julie Evlorentzen, who posts on the app as @julieevlorentzen, made a video about how she turned to her personal trainer wife for help building up her glutes.

In the clip, which has gained over 2.7million likes, she showed a snap of her bum in a bikini and said: "We all know I have the flattest bum in the universe.

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"It isn’t offensive, you don’t have to tell me you see a curve – it’s flat and it’s cute."

She asked her spouse for help and showed herself hitting the squat rack in the gym to try and build a more round shape in just eight weeks.

The comments were filled with trolls asking whether she was "using a filter" or just "never sits down".

But others cheered on her natural figure as they claimed Julie's videos were helping give them more confidence about their own "pancake bums".

One user wrote: "Pancake bums unite."

Another added: "I think this looks better than a huge bum seriously."

A third said: "Yas, all bodies are honestly gorgeous as they are but society likes to tell us different."

The news comes after a fitness model who claimed she was kicked out of her local gym for taking "tasteless Instagram pictures" has returned to working out in hot pants.

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Shirls Larson had been a member of the gym for six years but after she was caught taking snaps for her Instagram mid-workout, they kicked her to the kerb.

The tweet included one of the photos she had taken in the bright pink locker room, donning a sports bra and pink booty shorts while holding a dumbbell.


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