You can now use pet face swap to see what your dog would look like as a cat

People can’t get enough of face swapping.

Whether it’s changing faces with our best mate for laughs or using Snapchat’s gender filter to see what it’s really like be a woman on Tinder, we’re obsessed.

Have you ever glanced at your dog and thought: ‘I wonder what you’d look like if you were a cat?’

Well, now you can find out – swapping human faces is only fun for so long, it’s time to get our pets involved too.

Nvidia Corporation, a technology company that creates graphics processors and works with artificial intelligence, has designed a new website that allows owners to upload a photo of their pet and swap it against a bank of images that includes cats, foxes, other dogs and exotic animals like lemurs and hyenas.

The effect is, er, interesting.

Some of the images will make your pet unrecognisable, but the eyes tend to stay the same – though your dog might appear a little bug-eyed.

If you don’t have a pet or are curious on what happens when you mix a human face with that of a Saint Bernard, pug or Shih Tzu, you can always upload your own face and see what happens.

Be warned, it’s pretty creepy.

One man, Matt Hopkins, tried it on his own face and his glasses transferred onto the animals, making the image even cuter (and frankly, a little disturbing).

PetSwap is easy to use; just go onto the website and upload a photo of your pet and then draw a rectangle around their face with your mouse. Once finished, click on the translate button and watch as the images morph together.

If you’d rather swap cat faces, you can do that too.

The website is currently just a demo, and as such is fairly basic, but we’re sure confident someone will create an app very soon.

Fingers crossed.

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