Your Aquarius Monthly Horoscope for August

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August is already here, Aquarius! The month starts off with an emotional earthquake on August 1 when Mars and Uranus meet in Taurus. Shocking and unexpected news related to your family or home may arrive. Don’t panic–this could manifest as an emotional breakthrough, or having a risky conversation that you’ve been too nervous to commit to. If you’ve reached your limits with a current living situation, you may finally throw in the towel and start looking for another place. Whatever it is, you’re breaking free and moving forward.

Mercury, the planet of the mind, enters Virgo on August 3 and your focus shifts inward. You’re reflecting on your personal power and past pains. You may finally feel ready to set yourself free or work through some phobias that have been troubling you. Don’t be afraid to rely on your support network. Tension within your family or living situation may face another cosmic speed bump once Mars in Taurus clashes with Saturn in Aquarius. This is a powerful day to set boundaries if you feel like someone is asserting their will against you. This is both frustrating and freeing energy, so don’t be afraid to try something new.

You may feel more than a little depleted on August 8 when Venus in Cancer sits across the sky from Pluto in Capricorn. Workplace friendships that once felt fun may start to reveal a hint of toxicity. Someone may be engaging in power plays, so hold your boundaries firmly.

The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 11 may feel like every single aspect of your life is in the line of fire. New information is coming to light so you can remove the excess and start fresh. But first, you must commit to releasing. Right now, issues regarding work, family or relationships can reach a fever pitch. If harsh news arrives, take the time you need to restore and recalibrate. On the very same day, a glimmer of hope arrives as Venus enters Leo, igniting the relationships sector of your chart. Romance is flowing freely and business contracts are showing up in the dozens.

You may be committing to something or someone serious on August 14, when the Sun in Leo opposes Saturn in Aquarius. If you’re ready to DTR, now is the time. Coupled Aquarians may feel more distant from their partner under this planetary alignment, and feelings of isolation can permeate the mind. This is a quick-moving transit, so don’t worry. Everyone needs space sometimes! A few days later on August 18, good news arrives in your world of partnerships and collaboration. If you’ve been hoping to work with a particular client, you may hear back. This is also a supportive time to express how you’re feeling to your loved ones.

Mars enters Gemini on August 20, and it will stay there until March 2023 thanks to a long retrograde period. You may find yourself spending more time engaging in activities or hobbies that bring you joy. This is a great time to pick up a hobby that you used to do when you were younger. Your creativity is off the charts, and you’re feeling motivated to pour your energy into passion projects.

The Sun enters Virgo on August 22, kicking off Virgo season 2022! Over the next few weeks, you might turn your interest toward investing or your financial future. Emotional investments are also top of mind, and this is a wonderful time to get vulnerable and open up with someone. You can deepen and strengthen your relationships when you engage in honest conversations.

Mercury enters Libra on August 25 and the travel bug arrives full force! If you’ve been putting off a trip, that just simply won’t do any longer. Start planning, or take a vacation or staycation on a whim if you can. You’re interested in calling a little more adventure into your daily life. As you’re exploring your vulnerabilities, your fears may deliver a dose of inspiration on August 26. The Sun in Virgo clashes with Mars in Gemini, reminding you that your life story is worth telling. You can channel any past pain into your art or passions.

You’re feeling empowered under the New Moon in Virgo on August 27. You can and will reclaim your power. This New Moon is a fresh start in emotional intimacy. When you put your fears into words, they will loosen their grip. You’re back in the driver’s seat.

Relationship drama is unavoidable on August 28 when Venus in Leo eye-rolls at Saturn in Aquarius. There may be some unavoidable separation or distance between you and a loved one (don’t jump to the worst case scenario–maybe it’s just a delayed flight!). This is an invitation to have a productive conversation, even if it feels daunting and tough.

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