Yvette Nicole Brown dishes on leaving ‘Mom’ and kissing Donald Glover

Mom | Thursday, 9 p.m., CBS

In the sixth season finale of CBS sitcom “Mom,” Christy Plunkett (Anna Faris) reels when TV weather forecaster Nora Rogers (Yvette Nicole Brown) reveals she is moving to Minnesota and can no longer be her Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor. It’s also an exit for Brown after two seasons on the show about an addict and her caustic mother Bonnie (Allison Janney). “You can imagine that Christy doesn’t take the news well — she doesn’t take any news well,” said Brown. “But this entire arc with Nora has been about Christy growing up; that it’s for the best and to just be open to and accept change.” Brown, known for roles in “Community” and CBS’ “The Odd Couple” reboot, has her own projects lined up, including working on her screen-writing debut, a rom-com entitled “Always a Bridesmaid.”

Brown, 47, spoke with The Post by phone from LA.

Why leave “Mom” now?
Well, it wasn’t my decision. I would guest star on “Mom” until the Lord called me home. It needed to happen for Christy’s arc. It was just story-related. I told them on the way out the door, “If you ever need her to come back, I will put my hair up into that pompadour and show up on tape night.” The door is open to go back.

What is Nora’s attitude?
Nora is a proponent of tough love. From the time they met, her goal was, “I’m not gonna enable you to act like a child. You’re grown, you’re a mom, you’re building a career, you’re sober — these are accomplishments. Stand firmly in that and walk like a big girl.”

Did you research addicts?
I didn’t, but one of the great things about “Mom” is they have people in recovery that are consultants. I didn’t understand why Nora was so tough. I was like, “She’s gonna lead this girl back to drinking!” They said, “No, no, no, no — she is actually the way most sponsors are.” That made me feel better about some lines I had to say.

Can you relate to her?
I’m really warm and cuddly — I am a hugger. There is a time for tough love and I will dole it out to friends when they need it, but sparingly. I am like, “Let’s get on the couch, get some tissues, eat chocolate and talk it through.”

Do you know many people in recovery?
I have a couple of friends in recovery. I found out primarily because they would send a text, “I saw the show — thank you.” That made me say, “Thank you? What are you talking about?” Then we had a discussion we probably never would have had, had I not been on the show.

Switching gears, you went on a talk show a few years ago and said you kissed Donald Glover when you were on “Community.” Really?
I said that I have kissed three people on “Community.” I didn’t say how I kissed them, or what the context was — but Donald is one of those people.

But you said your kiss with Donald happened off-camera.
It may have been. It may have been. [Laughs.]

It’s well-known that you’re a huge “The Walking Dead” fan. Have you ever tried out for a role on it?
No. The reason is they shoot in Atlanta in the summer and I am delicious to mosquitoes. I joke that if they ever did a flashback scene — before the [zombie] apocalypse — of someone in an office with air conditioning, saying, “Why is everybody biting everybody?” then I’m your girl. Anything [in the present] out in the woods? No.

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