Arsenal ace Lisa Evans recalls crazy celebrations with Bayern Munich aces like Ribery after lifting Bundesliga title

LISA EVANS has lifted the lid on boozy celebrations with the likes of Frank Ribery after Bayern Munich men and women won the Bundesliga title in 2016.

The Scotland international, 28, switched to Arsenal in the summer of 2017 and has been there ever since.

She lifted the 2015/16 Bundesliga trophy with Bayern women and with the men's side, who also won the title that year, on the Rathaus balcony in Munich city centre.

The women were dressed in traditional German dresses known as, dirndl, while rubbing shoulders with the likes of Franck Ribery, Thomas Muller and Arjen Robben.

Evans told the Adidas X podcast: "Basically we had won the German Bundesliga with Bayern and the women always celebrate with the men's team.

"They call it the German Rathaus in Munich and we got all our German dress on, so the men were in lederhosen and the women wear a dress.

"We were on the town hall with the men we all got assigned a men's player and I remember walking out the town house with Ribery.

"And I was like, Franck Ribery, like this is actually not real. This is not real like this is surreal.

"It was the most crazy thing ever we walked out on the balcony and it was just like tens of thousands of Munich fans all cheering and throwing beers.

"I was like what is 'what is life?' I was pinching myself in that moment.

"They had such a good team back in the day, it was amazing to be a part of that whole thing."

Bayern men clinched an historic fourth consecutive Bundesliga title under manager Pep Guardiola at the time – extending their own record to 26 in 2016.

Guardiola left the the club to manage Manchester City in the summer that year having won the title in all three of his seasons in Munich.

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