F1 Miami Grand Prix qualifying LIVE RESULTS: Perez quickest at FP3, Verstappen third as Mercedes struggle – updates

F1 is back this weekend for racing fans all over the world to enjoy with the best race car drivers on earth set to grace Miami for the very first time.

This weekend's Grand Prix has been a long time coming and comes at a vital time in the season with Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc level on two race wins each so far.

And Lewis Hamilton will be hoping he can finish in a better position than he did at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix two weeks ago.

  • Qualifying: 9pm BST
  • Race time: 8.30pm BST, Sunday
  • Stream/TV channel: Sky Sports F1

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Follow ALL the action with our live blog below…

  • Jon Boon

    Qualifying time

    Stay tuned with us for qualifying, which begins at 21:00 BST.

    We should be in for a treat, if practice is anything to by.

    Who will get that all-important pole going into tomorrow's race?

  • Jon Boon

    Verstappen's close shave

    This was the moment Max Verstappen and Red Bull breathed a hugh sigh of relief.

    The Dutchman (just about) managed to stay out of the barriers at the chicane.

  • Ben Hunt

    FP3 is done – Perez is quickest

    The Mexican tops the final session before qualifying. Leclerc is second, Verstappen third, Alonso fourth, Vettel fifth, Schumacher sixth – wow, what a mixed-up selection.

  • Ben Hunt

    Verstappen slams on the brakes

    The Red Bull man loses it at turn 14 but managed to keep out of the barriers after jumping on the brakes. That was a close one.

    Car stays out of the barriers and he's done no damage. Very fortunate.

  • Ben Hunt

    Five minutes to go

    Red Bull leading the way through Verstappen and Perez while Leclerc is in third.

    Vettel has gone fourth, Sainz fifth, Alonso sixth…

  • Ben Hunt

    In to the final 15 minutes of practice

    Russell and Hamilton are both pushing but struggling to control their respective Mercs.

    Russell radios the team to tell them he is struggling on the tyres, while Hamilton has a massive lock up.

  • Ben Hunt

    Teams starting to ramp it up

    Lap times set to tumble as the drivers start to wind up for their flying laps.

    Bottas has just gone into third place on the timesheets.

  • Ben Hunt

    Halfway stage – Verstappen leads the way

    Leclerc (+0.231), Sainz (+0.787), Schumacher (+0.940) as Red Bull and Ferrari lead the way.

    Russell in fifth (+0.980) and Hamilton in seventh (+1.496) and Merc are not as strong as they were on Friday.

  • Ben Hunt

    Green light – finally, we get going again.

    The final practice session has resumed after Ocon's smash.

  • Ben Hunt

    Top three so far in FP3

    Verstappen leads the way while Schumacher is in P3.

  • Ben Hunt

    Still waiting to get the green light

    Ocon's Alpine is on its way back to the garage before the engineers start to rebuild it in time for qualifying.

  • Ben Hunt

    Red Flag – Ocon has a crash

    The Frenchman is in the wall at Turn 14. He is ok, but the car is damaged.

    It is proving to be a tricky corner. The concrete is proving to be a car wrecker – it is same place where Sainz crashed on Friday.

  • Ben Hunt

    Sainz has work to do

    The Ferrari man crashed heavily on Friday, spinning and going into a concrete barrier backwards.

    Like Verstappen, he has plenty of work to do to dial in his Ferrari in time for qualifying.

    He is currently in P5.

  • Ben Hunt

    Green Light – final practice is under way in Miami.

    Early running for Verstappen, who is trying to make up for lost time after his problems yesterday.

  • Ben Hunt

    Another hot one! Temperature is up to 33 degrees.

    And Hamilton says the heat is causing a problem with his tyres. He said: "The tyres are overheating.

    "It reminds me of driving in Malaysia, (if) not as fast. Not far off that. KL is number one in terms of heat, then Singapore and now it’s here.”

  • Jon Boon

    Horner wants a US driver

    Red Bull principal Christian Horner has said it's more important that an American F1 driver appears on the grid, rather than a second team.

    He told Sky F1: “I think bigger than that [American team] is an American driver, though. I think that we need another Mario [Andretti].

    “You need a driver that’s an American driver that’s going to be competitive, that’s going to run at the front.

    “There’s some great young talent coming through, we’ve got a young guy that we’re backing in Formula 3, Jak Crawford. He’s an exciting young talent, there’s other guys around as well.

    “I think hopefully with this excitement that there is about Formula 1, there are going to be more boys and girls coming into karting at the junior levels, and it’s only a matter of time then hopefully before we see a really competitive World Champion American driver.”

  • Jon Boon

    F1 swag

    With this being Miami's first ever grand prix, merchandise is flying off the stalls.

    Mercedes baseball caps, though, are seemingly at a premium.

    Some are costing as much as £105.

  • Jon Boon

    Hamilton's relaxed

    This morning, Lewis Hamilton perhaps gave his biggest indication he's not ready to retire just yet.

    He took to Instagram to show off his morning view – a stunning sunset surrounded by palm trees.

    "Good morning, Miami. I could get used to waking her here," he wrote as a caption for the snap.

    Of course, this is the first Miami Grand Prix and it seems to appeal the British seven-time F1 champ.

  • Jon Boon

    Vettel backs Hamilton in jewellery row

    Sebastian Vettel has backed rival Lewis Hamilton in his jewellery row.

    “I think it is a bit unnecessary to blow this topic up,” the Aston Martin driver said.

    “Probably at this stage it’s more of a personal thing. And I feel in a particular way targeted to Lewis.

    “I mean, we spoke about underpants as well. But really, is that the most exciting thing we can talk about?

    “So in a way, you know, there’s a concern for safety. Obviously, if you have stuff and the car does catch fire, then it will be unpleasant.

    “But on the other hand, I think, you know, to some degree, it’s personal freedom, and we’re old enough to make our choices outside the car, we should be old enough to make choices also inside the car.”

  • Alex Cole

    Mercedes man to use words as 'fuel'

    The criticism received will spur Lewis Hamilton on in Miami.

    The 27-year-old said: "People always love you when you’re up, and love to kick you when you’re down – and that’s a part of life.

    "I’ve seen some things that people I’ve grown up admiring as a kid and even in my sport, that have come out with certain comments. Some disrespectful.

    "I take that as fuel, I put that into the pot and I turn it into a positive and I’m going to come back stronger.

    "We are going to come back stronger as a team.

    "Four, five, six, seven, ten bad races are not going to stop me doing what I love doing. They’re not going to stop me in my tracks.

    "I’ve been racing 29 years and have had way more difficult times than this and always bounced back.

    "So it’s not how you fall, it’s how you get up. For those people it just highlights that nothing is going to stop me in my tracks."

  • Alex Cole

    Seven time champ to 'come back stronger'

    Lewis Hamilton has vowed to "come back stronger" after a disappointing start to the 2022 season, writes EMILIA HAWKINS.

    Hamilton, 37, is currently 58 points adrift of championship leader Charles Leclerc after a slow start to the campaign.

    He has been heavily criticised, and some fans have even been left wondering if he will make it to the end of the year without retiring.

    However, the seven-time world champion has since responded to his doubters, insisting that he uses the harsh words as "fuel".

  • Alex Cole

    Hamilton compares Miami GP circuit to ‘B&Q CAR PARK’

    Lewis Hamilton compared the new Miami Grand Prix circuit to a B&Q CAR PARK – and then backed down in the ongoing jewellery row, writes JOSHUA JONES.

    The Mercedes driver, 37, had his first test drive at the track in Florida on Friday.

    But despite liking a lot of the design, he was not happy with the chicane section which could cause plenty of problems as well as the transition from track to public roads.

    Speaking ahead of the inaugural race outside the Miami Dolphins' Hard Rock Stadium, Hamilton said: "The track's quite nice to drive except for the chicane.

    "It reminds me of being in a B&Q car park when I was six or seven years old, in a go kart, going in between cars.

    "It's so tight. It's a corner where maybe in future they can remove that one and it will improve the track.

    "It's kind of crazy when you think that people in this day and age should be able to make a flat road relatively easy.

    "There were frigging big, big, big bumps and so many places where the track like joins up with somewhere else.

    "So I don't know if they will be able to grind that at night and improve it."

  • Alex Cole

    Hamilton's jewellery issue

    Formula One mogul Lewis Hamilton has responded to the FIA's decision to ban drivers from wearing jewellery – by turning up with more jewellery, writes NYLE SMITH.

    The governing body for world motorsport clarified that non-regulatory underwear and body piercing were forbidden in the Miami Grand Prix.

    However, Hamilton has delivered his views against the rules put in place and the Mercedes icon has threatened to PULL OUT of the Grand Prix should the FIA stick to their procedures.

    The FIA highlighted an existing regulation which states that the ban of jewellery is due to the risk of increased heat transmission in case of fire, or objects snagging or becoming dislodged in serious accidents.

    This ban has existed since 2004 and Formula One race director Niels Wittich plans to keep the rules in place.

    Hamilton made a statement at the Miami Grand Prix by wearing three watches, eight rings, four necklaces, one bracelet and two earrings at the press conference.

  • James Orr

    Russell speaks

    Mercedes star George Russell, who finished fastest in Friday's Practice Two, said: "We don't really understand it to be honest, why we hit the ground running.

    "We always knew the conditions here would suit us better. We have been struggling with tyre warm-up even in Bahrain when the track was really rough but this is the first real hot race of the season so for sure that's played a big factor. It's only Friday. Not getting too carried away.

    "It has definitely been a really productive day for us and probably the most productive Friday we've had."

  • James Orr

    F1 Drivers' Standings

    The Drivers' Standings heading into the Miami Grand Prix across this weekend.

    1 Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) 86pts

    2 Max Verstappen (Red Bull) 59pts

    3 Sergio Perez (Red Bull) 54pts

    4 George Russell (Mercedes) 49pts

    Credit: AP

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