Former Packers GM Ron Wolf can’t believe Aaron Rodgers is such a ‘diva’

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The man who brought Brett Favre to Green Bay doesn’t like the way Aaron Rodgers is trying to leave the storied franchise.

Former Packers general manager Ron Wolf sounded off on the trend of quarterbacks pushing for trades in an interview with The Big Show Radio Network this week. That superstar group includes Deshaun Watson, Russell Wilson and most recently Rodgers.

“We have a lot of divas playing in the league right now,” Wolf said. “I fail to understand that all these guys have long-term deals. I can’t believe the game has changed that remarkably.”

Wolf, now 82, is credited for the Packers turnaround that started when he acquired Favre from the Falcons before the 1992 season. Long after Wolf retired in 2000, Favre famously waffled on retirement with Rodgers ready to take over and this ultimately led to the team trading Favre to the Jets in 2008.

“It appears that today’s quarterbacks want to be more than quarterbacks,” Wolf said. “They’re hired to play the position quarterback. That’s what they’re being paid for, and that’s what they’re being paid to do. These guys, they want to pick the coach, pick the players. It’s an interesting dilemma.”

Watson’s trade demands have been put on the backburner after being accused of sexual assault in a civll lawsuit brought forward by 22 massage therapists. It is unclear if Watson will play this season for any team.

Wilson didn’t so much demand a trade as openly vent about the Seahawks’ problems, which led to a flurry of interest around the league and him almost being dealt to the Bears. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll halted momentum toward a deal and it appears the two sides are moving forward together.

Rodgers’ future is murkier at the moment. Frustrated by his lack of say in personnel moves and the decision to draft his heir apparent Jordan Love last year, he clearly wants out and the Packers are determined to keep him.

“All three of these guys have signed long-term contracts and they’re under contract,” Wolf said. “So I’m sure at that time there wasn’t any holding a gun to their head saying you have to sign but now they’re not happy. They’re not happy with the team they signed a contract with.”

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