Fury plans 12 fights in 12 months and March showdown with Usyk

Tyson Fury reveals plans for 12 fights in 12 months – featuring five Wembley blockbusters and a seven-stop world tour – with an a undisputed heavyweight title showdown against Olexsandr Usyk in March

  • Fury has claimed he wants to fight one person a month in a calendar year
  • The Gypsy King wants to begin world tour with Usyk showdown in March
  • Crowd of over 60,000 expected to watch Fury face Chisora on Saturday

Tyson Fury is planning to ‘do a Joe Louis’ with a fight every month in a calendar year, including a seven-stop world tour and five Wembley Stadium blockbusters.

All starting with a March clash with Ukraine war hero Oleksandr Usyk for the undisputed world heavyweight championship last held by Lennox Lewis more than a decade ago.

Is this humanly possible?

Tyson Fury (above) has claimed he wants to fight one person a month in a calendar year

‘No doubt,’ says Fury. ‘Louis the Bronze Bomber famously fought a bum a month, not a fight a year.’

Can he keep pulling crowds through such a packed schedule including projected fights in Australia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, a stadium return to America, either China or Macau and even an extraordinary staging of a major event in Antarctica?

‘Absolutely,’ he says. ‘I live the boxer’s life all the time. I’m in the gym every day even if there’s no fight.

‘Instead of the high-life I’m at home with my wife and kids in Morecombe Bay where nothing happens.’

American promoter Bob Arum has no doubt that Gypsy King can pack football grounds

He cites also the 60,000 tickets pre-sold for this Saturday’s WBC title defence in the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

That is against Dereck Chisora the 38 year old veteran who has been somewhat derided as a suitable opponent, having lost to Fury twice already.

To which the Gypsy King replies: ‘Despite that nonsense from dossers who know nothing about boxing we have now filled 154,000 seats in two fights. ‘

That includes the 94,000 sell out of Wembley Stadium for his knock out of Dillian Whyte.

Fury will defend his WBC title against Derek Chisora at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Fury’s American promoter Bob Arum has no doubt that he can pack football grounds wherever he goes and however often he likes

Arum compares Fury’s box office power to that of The Greatest boxer of all time, saying: ‘in the latter phase of his career Muhammad Ali went round the world boxing to massed crowds.

‘Tyson is Ali’s successor as sport’s great entertainer. For his next trip to the US, maybe for a fourth fight with Deontay Wilder, we will fill the new 64,000 capacity Stadium in Las Vegas.

‘And Macau would make sense if mainland China’s covid restrictions are still in place because it is their casino equivalent of Vegas.’

Around 60,000 tickets have been pre-sold for Saturday’s fight between Fury and Chisora

Arum confirms that the undisputed showdown with Usyk – who will be ringside this weekend – is ‘agreed in every contract detail’ by the two camps. With the venue most likely to be Saudi Arabia.

The concept is for that fight in March 2023 to be followed by what Fury calls ‘seven non-bums a month ‘ overseas and five at home.

Are there enough domestic rivals to keep packing Wembley?

‘There’s plenty of British beef to go round,’ says Fury. ‘There’s Joe Joyce, Daniel Dubois, I’ll even relent on never fighting Joshua after he messed me around, so long as he comes begging on my terms.

‘And there are some big young guns coming along nicely. ‘

Fury wants an undisputed heavyweight title showdown against Olexsandr Usyk in March

But does a 34-year-old prizefighter have the energy for ‘my Tyson Fury Road Show?’

He says: ‘Oh yes’ he says. ‘It comes from the excitement of boxing. My dad (John) says that when the fight comes I become Frankenstein’s monster as the electricity surges through me.

‘And I’m driven by the terror or retirement. I’ve tried it a couple of times and it’s no good. I live to fight.’

All of which is added incentive to see off the big punching Chisora.

‘If this old friend of mine knocks me out,’ says Fury, ‘The whole tour project unravels.’

Fury v Chisora will be televised live Saturday night on BT Sport Box Office. Ring walk 9pm.

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