Gabby Logan realised husband was dyslexic after 'interesting' love text | The Sun

SPORTS presenter Gabby Logan says she realised her husband was dyslexic when he called her “sweat heat” instead of sweetheart in a text.

The TV host, 49, said she thought “that’s interesting” as it wasn’t a “normal compliment”.

Gabby said her hubby, retired Scots rugby ace Kenny Logan, has helped her understand dyslexia.

The Freeze The Fear star spoke to Kenny, 50, on her podcast this week.

Gabby said: “Dyslexia didn’t mean much to me, just that people had trouble reading.

"If you’ve got dyslexia, it can be a very stressful experience.”

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She went on: “Do you remember our first holiday?

"You read that book and insisted on reading every page to me?

“You hadn’t done much reading, and couldn’t understand how I found it relaxing, because as a dyslexic person it’s not relaxing at all.”

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