Heartbreaking story behind 14-year-old Olympic gold medallist who dives to make money for her sick mother

CHINESE diving star Hongchan Quan, 14, stormed to gold in the women's 10m diving before revealing she competes to raise money to cure her sick mum.

The teenager took the top spot on the podium ahead of 15-year-old compatriot Chen Yuxi with an incredible overall score of 466.20.

Her competition included TWO perfect dives – receiving tens across the board twice – as she won the gold in Tokyo.

But after winning in style, Quan admitted she only dives to make money to help 'cure' her mum.

In her post-dive interview, she emotionally revealed: "My mother is sick.

"I don't exactly know the name of the illness.

"I want to make a lot of money to treat her and cure her."

Despite having an incredible reason to dive well, Quan admitted she never expected to win the gold.

The Team China star continued: "I didn't predict my performance, nor did I expect to get full marks.

"I was very nervous as it's my first Olympics and I was afraid that I could not jump well."

"Before, the team leader told me some essentials and let me go to bed early so I slept soundly."

Quan also revealed it was her mum – alongside her dad – who helped ease her nerves before her dives.

She claimed her parents told her it doesn't matter if she won a medal or not.

And after taking an impressive gold, Quan admitted: "These words helped me."

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