How original Vince McMahon film starring Bradley Cooper failed to get going in 2017 as Netflix announce WWE series

HOLLYWOOD star Bradley Cooper was earmarked to play wrestling kingpin Vince McMahon in a 2017 biopic.

WWE today revealed a new Netflix documentary is in the offing which will focus on CEO McMahon's life.

But it is not the first on-screen project that has aimed to tell McMahon's story.

The biographical piece titled 'Pandemonium' had American Hustle star Cooper, 45, lined up to play the 75-year-old, according to Wrestlinginc.

Filming was reportedly planned for spring 2018 with Tristar set to release the movie.

Craig A.Williams wrote the original script in 2015 but it was subject to repeated amendments after it was submitted to WWE executives.

John Requa and Glenn Ficarra were set to direct the movie, but the trail went cold in January 2019 despite suggestions the project was still 'being worked on'.

Earlier today it emerged Nick Khan – WWE's new president – had announced a 'groundbreaking new deal' had been reached with Netflix.

He also added it will be one of the highest budget documentaries ever produced.

It will be directed by Chris Smith, who also produced the hit music festival documentary Fyre Fest.

Khan said: “In a groundbreaking deal, we have sold a multi-part documentary with Netflix on the life of none other than our very own Vince McMahon.

"By groundbreaking, I mean one of the highest budgeted docs in Netflix’s history.

"Bill Simmons, as previously mentioned, will executive produce.

"Chris Smith, the amazing director of Netflix’s Fyre Festival documentary, will direct and produce alongside WWE Studios.”

The series, which is yet to have a release date, will be predominantly based on McMahon's life.

The CEO is worth around a staggering £1billion after taking over the company from his father in 1982.

He went from filing for bankruptcy in 1976 to becoming a real-life billionaire in the 90s, owning a limousine, private jet, yacht and a £160,000 Bentley.

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