Hulk's ex-wife hits out after Brazil star marries HER NIECE and says it feels like 'she has buried her daughter alive'

HULK'S ex-wife claimed it felt like she had 'buried her daughter alive' after the Brazilian striker married her NIECE.

The Atletico Mineiro forward, 35, ended his 12-year relationship with Iran Angelo in July 2019 and is now expecting a kid with his new partner.

Reports linking Hulk to Iran's stunning niece Camila Angelo emerged in January 2020 before he married the 32-year-old two months later.

And earlier this week, the player announced the couple are expecting his fourth child and first with Camila on Instagram.

After being ditched by Hulk, Iran opened up on her heartbreak in September 2020.

She claimed Camila was like a daughter to her and said it feels like she is 'burying her daughter alive'.

According to Portuguese source Record via Marca, she added: "I wake up and go to sleep without understanding why everything happened to me.

"The pain is very great, sometimes I think it will tear my heart out. She was a daughter to me."


When asked about her relationship with her niece, she explained: "I gave everything to this girl since she came into the world.

"I sacrificed my dreams so many times to make her dreams come true.

"And here I'm not just talking about material goods, because these are easy to give when you have money, but love, affection, attention, respect… everything.

"She knew my weaknesses, insecurities, pain, fears and had my unconditional love.

"She managed my life, and for me everything what she said was good, it was correct, it was ethical.

"She was perfect in everything and I gave her the direction of my life. If I was wrong, my God, it was because I loved and trusted too much."

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