‘I am going to take you down’: Logan Paul calls out Tyson Fury

Logan Paul is eyeing a fight with world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, with his younger brother Jake set to box the world heavyweight champion’s half-brother Tommy in December.

Both Logan and Jake Paul have competed in the boxing ring, having first established themselves as YouTubers, with Logan most recently fighting Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition bout and Jake outpointing former UFC champion Tyron Woodley.

Logan Paul and Tyson Fury have both been helping their respective brothers to train for an 18 December contest in Tampa Bay, Florida, but the elder brothers would turn opponents in an ideal world, Logan has said.

“December 18th, Tampa, we’re coming – it’s the Furys vs Pauls – one of the greatest boxing families in history vs a couple f*****g gypsies,” he said in an Instagram story.

“And Tyson, after my brother knocks your brother out, I’m coming for that a***, I swear to God, I am going to take you down.


“I don’t care if I need a f*****g tractor – the Gypsy King will fall!”

In recent weeks, Logan Paul has been linked to a potential fight against former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson.

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