Jake Paul invited to UFC star Jorge Masvidal's wedding after KOing rival Ben Askren as 'it'll p*** people off'

UFC star Jorge Masvidal has joked he will invite Jake Paul to his wedding after the YouTuber knocked out Ben Askren last weekend.

The 24-year-old stopped the MMA ace inside the first round of their boxing bout to improve his record to 3-0, with Gamebred's prediction coming true.

Masvidal – who blasted out Askren in just FIVE seconds during their clash in 2019 – has received backlash from fans after he backed Paul to win.

And supporters were fuming with the American after he spent time training with Paul earlier in the year.

He then labelled Askren as a 'crotch sniffer' earlier this month, much to the anger of the UFC faithful.

The 36-year-old – who is preparing for his rematch against welterweight champion Kamaru Usman this weekend – has spoken of how the outrage has affected him.

In an interview with BBC Sounds, he said: "Definitely the MMA fans turned on me, and then as soon as Ben got knocked out, everybody was like 'oh you was right, we shouldn't have done this or that'.

"Me, I'm the type of person that you already made you bed, now lay in it. I just said in my heart what I thought would happen, which it did.

"Ben's always disrespected the sport of MMA, he's always said, 'I don't need to strike, I can just outwrestle any of these guys. I don't need to hit pads, I don't need to spar'.

"So for people to say he was a representative of MMA, never. Never could we have found a guy that was further from being a representative of MMA.


"Because MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts, that means you have to show love, discipline, time and dedication to each one of those arts.

"To striking, to wrestling, to jiu-jitsu to this to that, you have to do it and that's how you become a Mixed Martial Artist. Ben Askren was none of that.

"That's why he was the perfect opponent for Jake Paul to get an impressive win.

"Ben can't jab, Ben doesn't know how to move his head, Ben can't generate power to hurt anybody so under those rule settings of straight boxing, it's the worst environment for him.

"To think this guy was a reprentative of my beautiful sport for all of us… and that's why the MMA fans got upset and let them f***ing stay upset.

"That backlash that I got and people trying to bully me and stuff like that, if anything I'll invite Jake Paul to my f***ing wedding now.

"Because I know it'll p*** off so many people that I hung out with this guy and showed him some things."

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