Jake Paul reveals he suffered 15-minute anxiety attack after KOing Nate Robinson and opens up over mental health battle

JAKE PAUL suffered a 15-minute anxiety attack after knocking out Nate Robinson and opened up on his previous mental health battle.

Paul enhanced his pro record to two knockouts in as many fights last November as he left Robinson out cold and into a meme.

The brutal right hand that left the ex-NBA star, 36, flattened happened just moments before Mike Tyson made his comeback 15-years since retiring.

Even for an internet sensation like Paul, such unprecedented attention on the global stage proved too much to comprehend at first.

He told SunSport: "After my fight, it was like, sort of like 10 to 15 minutes after my fight.

"My most recent fight, I had a panic attack, I was just like walking and I like, needed to, like, sit down, cuz I was just, like, overwhelmed with emotions.

"And like, it was like my anxiety built up. And like, I don't know, I just literally had to sit down and like, take a couple deep breaths.

"And I was like panicking and everyone was calling me. I was just like, Oh, my God, this is like, too much to deal with right now."

The 24-year-old is not afraid to talk about his private problems and hopes more open conversations can be had by those facing the same struggles.

He said: "For sure, and I think being vulnerable is something that this generation needs to, you know, embrace.


"And it's OK to, you know, be different or it's okay that I have a panic attack.

"I like what, regardless of what's going on, it's okay to feel the way you're feeling and like you said, there's different ways of coping with it.

"It just finding out what, what works best for you."

Paul has been in the public eye since the age of 16, when he burst onto the social media scene with older brother Logan, now 25, on Vine.

He later found fame and fortune through his YouTube channel which boasts just over 20MILLION subscribers currently.

Paul has landed himself in hot water in the past for his viral videos, and admitted he was hated by his neighbours before moving out of Los Angeles.

The 2-0 boxer has since moved to Miami to focus on his fighting career and eliminate any distractions.

As he admitted to struggling with personal demons before as he continues to life his life in the public eye.

Paul, who fights Ben Askren in his third pro contest on April 17, explained: "There's been some dark times in my journey, you know.

"There's been times where I just felt like the whole world was against me, I just felt like I was never going to see anything positive.

"And I've dealt with anxiety, I've dealt with, like, all of that emotion and doubted myself.

"And I'm the type of person that overthinks and just beat myself up over stuff. And so I deal with that on a day to day basis.

"And I deal with, you know, trying to become the best version of myself and when you have anxiety just feels like it can weigh you down.

"And it's an inhibitor, it inhibits your life in all aspects from relationships to business.

"So it's not easy, and I think, you know, our generation experiences a lot of it because of social media and everything that's out there.

"So, I like to talk about it as much as possible.

"And I think, all you can do is just let it be a part of your life and embrace it as much as possible versus trying to run away from it."

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