Jake Paul vs Ben Askren LIVE RESULT: Problem Child wipes out rival with KO in less than a MINUTE – latest reaction

JAKE PAUL has beaten Ben Askren with a stunning first-round KO.

The Problem Child lined up a jab followed by a haymaker that floored former UFC star Ben Askren in under a MINUTE.

After allowing Askren to get to his feet the referee called a halt to the fight.

Askren protested the stoppage despite replays showing him walking sideways after being knocked down.

Following the fight, Jake Paul broke down in tears and dedicated his victory to his late bodyguard, Shadow.

On the undercard, Regis Prograis was victorious against Ivan Redkach and Tyson Fury's former tormentor Steve Cunningham defeated Frank Mir.

Fight card results

  • Jake Paul def. Ben Askren via first-round TKO (ref stoppage)
  • Regis Prograis def. Ivan Redkach via unanimous decision (60-54, 60-54, 59-54)
  • Steve Cunningham def. Frank Mir via unanimous decision (60-54, 60-54, 58-56)
  • Joe Fournier def. Reykon via second-round TKO (corner stoppage)
  • Jake Lambourne


    Dillon Danis called out Jake Paul and vowed to ‘put this c*** out cold’ after the YouTuber knocked out Ben Askren.

    Paul moved to 3-0 in his professional boxing career after the first-round finish over Askren.

    And already he was challenged by 2-0 Bellator welterweight Danis, a sparring partner and gym-mate of Conor McGregor.

    He tweeted: “It’s on 100% send me the contract let’s do this i’m gonna put this c*** out cold.”

    Paul, 24, initially offered Danis, 27, the opportunity to fight him earlier in the year.

    But the jujitsu black belt was unable to accept amid a knee injury which needed surgery.

    Seemingly fit and recovered, Danis shared a private Instagram message he sent to Paul, calling the social media star out.

    He wrote: “let’s do this c*** send me the contract.”

  • Jake Lambourne


    Jake Paul improved to three knockouts in as many fights by dispatching of Ben Askren in one round.

    The YouTuber knocked out Askren in two minutes of their Triller pay-per-view headliner after a brutal one-two combination.

    Paul added to his wins against online rival 'AnEsonGib' and retired NBA star Nate Robinson.

    Much of the conversation online turned to who the social media sensation could face next.

    Here, SunSport lists five potential opponents for Paul.

    Click HERE for more.

  • Jake Lambourne


    UFC star Robert Whittaker has called out Jake Paul for a fight after the social media personality knocked out ex-MMA champ Ben Askren.

    The Aussie star, 30, was also in action on Saturday night for the ESPN 22 headliner against Kelvin Gastelum.

    In a press conference after his win in the octagon, the former UFC middleweight champion was told about Paul's victory, which was captured by Sky Sports.

    A shocked Whittaker replied: Ben Askren's not known for his boxing, is he?

    "But good on him (Paul). He's doing his thing."

    Asked if he would consider fighting the vlogger for the half a million pounds Askren is believed to have received, Whittaker happily threw his hat in the ring.

    "I'd fight him for less," he replied with a laugh.

  • Jack Figg

    LO BLOW 

    Logan Paul sent a message to Floyd Mayweather by sharing a video of his brother Jake's brutal KO of Ben Askren.

    YouTuber Jake stopped the retired UFC welterweight with a one-two combination in round one of their Triller pay-per-view headliner.

    Ringside was big brother Logan, who was due to face Mayweather in an exhibition bout in February.

    It has since been rescheduled to allow fans to attend but no official date or venue has been announced.

    Logan, 26, attempted to strike fear into all-time great Mayweather, 44, as she shared a video of Jake's highlight-reel KO.

    He captioned the post: "@floydmayweather you see this."

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    A post shared by Logan Paul (@loganpaul)

  • Jack Figg


    Ben Askren admitted 'it's f***ing embarrassing' as he reflected on his first-round loss to YouTuber Jake Paul.

    The former UFC welterweight was knocked out after two minutes following a one-two combination.

    Askren was subject to ridicule online as he was stopped by the social media star – but later admitted it was justifiable.

    He said: "It's probably deserved. I got knocked out by Jake Paul, it's f***ing embarrassing."

    Paul moved to 3-0 in his professional boxing career, all by KO and celebrated with rapper Snoop Dogg, who also commentated.

    He said: "Just a couple of years ago, my teachers were making fun of me in class, telling me I can't do nothing, telling me I wasn't smart.

    "My schoolmates making fun of me. I used to landscape. I just had a dream and I chased it and I worked hard.

    "To think that I'm standing here next to these legends, these legends right here, it's unbelievable."

    Credit: Getty


  • Jack Figg


    Jake Paul knocked out former UFC welterweight Ben Askren with a brutal right hand.

    The YouTuber stopped Askren in round one of their Triller pay-per-view headliner.

    Paul landed a simple one-two over the top and left the retired UFC fighter unable to continue in the eyes of the referee.

    Afterwards, he said: "I told y'all I was gonna do it in the first round. I told y'all I'm a real fighter.

    "I don't know how many times I've gotta prove myself that this is for real."

  • Jack Figg


    Snoop Dogg said 'Dana White, where's my money at?' after Jake Paul knocked out Ben Askren – as the rapper won his $2million bet.

    YouTuber Paul closed the show with a dramatic right hand in the first round against Askren, who retired from the UFC in 2019.

    Beforehand, UFC president White told Mike Tyson he would be willing to bet $1m the social media star lost.

    Paul, 24, and rap royalty Snoop Dogg, 49, asked to up the wager to $2m – though their call was never asked.

    But it still did not stop the West Coast star from calling out the UFC boss and campaigning for his proposed winnings.

    Snoop Dogg said: "Dana White, where's my money at?"

    Credit: Getty Images – Getty
  • Jack Figg


    Ben Askren responds to his first-round knockout defeat to Jake Paul.

    He tweeted: "Sorry world :(."

    Paul landed a simple one-two combination over the top and closed the show.

  • Jack Figg


    Jake Paul celebrates his biggest win to date with rap royalty Snoop Dogg.

    He said after the win: "I told y'all I was gonna do it in the first round.

    "I told y'all I'm a real fighter. I don't know how many times I've gotta prove myself that this is for real."

  • Jack Figg


    Paul said: "This is the craziest moment of my life.

    "I told y'all I was gonna do it in the first round. I told y'all I'm a real fighter.

    "I don't know how many times I've got to prove myself that this is for real.

    Credit: Getty
  • Jack Figg


    Jake Paul celebrates his KO win over ex-UFC star Ben Askren.

    He landed a textbook one-two, which Askren didn't see coming, and laid out the American.

    He improves to 3-0.

  • Wally Downes Jr


    Askren is clipped by a big right hand and felled.

    The former UFC fighter beats the count but the referee said he is buzzed and waves it off.

    Paul breaks down in theatrical tears on the floor.

    Askren complains the stoppage was early.

  • Wally Downes Jr


    Askren's stance and form looks terrible and he is yet to throw a punch.

    Paul whips a right hook into Askren's chunky body.

    Then Paul lands a massive right hand – off a textbook jab – and Askren collapses.

    Askren beat the count but was shaken and waved off.

  • Wally Downes Jr


    Eight rounds at cruiserweight begins with referee Brain Studs in charge.

    Askren has Tyron Woodley in his corner, Paul appears to have a troupe of giant yellow Minions characters.

    The Problem Child claims to want too fight Conor McGregor but he copies all his old moves.

  • Wally Downes Jr


    Askren is in the ring and Jake Paul is making his walk.

    Can a novice fighter beat a trained mixed martial artist?

    Paul is accompanied by a dancer in a massive robot costume.

    Please Ben, nail this and end the misery…

  • Wally Downes Jr


    Exclusive x-ray image of Ivan Redkach legs and groin reveal extent of damage Regis Prograis caused.

    The Ukraine ace may never walk nor make love again…

  • Wally Downes Jr


    This… THIS is the crippling low blow to Ivan Redkach's 'groin' that folded him into the floor, demanded a stretcher carry him out and caused the fight to be waved off..


  • Wally Downes Jr


    The referee sends the fight to the cards to be decided and the judges rule: 60-54, 59-54 and 59-54.

    Almost ironic that the only genuine fight on the show ends in completely fake fashion.

    Just when the taste in your mouth could not get worse.

    Rock, rock, rock bottom.

    Oh no, wait, Justin Beiger is on now…

  • Wally Downes Jr


    Redkach has taken a dive after getting his ribs grazed by a bodyshot.

    Just when you thought this show could not get any worse.

    Prograis is waiting for a decision while Redkach continues to feign injury.

    Redkach is getting carried out on a stretcher despite not getting punched anywhere.

    He must assume everyone has already turned off and he won't get spotted cheating.

  • Wally Downes Jr


    Prograis grazes with a body shot and Redkach collapses.

    But the blue-haired ace grabs his groin and claims it was an illegal low blow.

    The replays make it look like a fair body shot but the referee – who looks a real veteran – believes it was a groin shot.

    Redkach has five minutes to recover but he is looking for a way out. He was not even hit.

  • Wally Downes Jr


    Redkach is getting chinned too much by Prograis and will go over soon.

    Beautiful defensive work from the American former champion too.

    Prograis has earned 850,000 dollars for tonight's shift and earned every penny of it buy selling his soul to this shoddy set-up.

  • Wally Downes Jr


    Prograis rocks Redkach again and piles in with his booming left hand.

    The blue-barneted underdog is bleeding fromacouple of places around his eyes and hairline.

    But the camera work is so bad you cannot really see.

    Cannot miss the huge shots Prograis lands there as Redkach's legs stiffen and he is whacked again but is saved by the bell.

  • Wally Downes Jr


    Prograis throwing wild shots and Redkach is dodging them easily.

    The commentary team have barely covered the action at all, focusing exclusively on Snoop Dogg getting stoned after the show…



  • Wally Downes Jr


    Prograis vs Taylor was the fight of 2019, elite technical boxing with ridiculous heart and theatre.

    Even in defeat the New Orleans man took so much credit and respect.

    So fans are worried about his career landing him here on a much maligned show…

  • Wally Downes Jr


    Prograis hurls his heavy left hand for the first couple of times and has Redkach stumbling backwards.

    Kedkach hurt with a bodyshot but does not take a knee or count.

    Another looping left hand lands on Redkach's blue head but the Ukraine slugger hits back as the session ends.

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