Jamie Carragher jokes Gary Neville 'was milk monitor at school' after Man Utd legend defends VAR offside call

JAMIE CARRAGHER joked that Gary Neville was a 'milk monitor' in his school days for backing VAR offside calls.

The pundits clashed on Monday Night Football over how technology is changing refereeing decisions.

Aston Villa's defeat at West Ham came after Ollie Watkins' late equaliser was ruled out by a tight offside call.

Dean Smith was unhappy when VAR officials measured two defenders against the Villa striker but did not check for a potential penalty against him.

Back in the studio, Manchester United legend Neville, 45, had little sympathy for offside calls being a matter of inches.

Carragher asked his colleague: "So you don't mind people being given offside by an inch?"

Neville replied: "It will always be an inch – it will always be an inch offside."

To which Carragher, 42, shot back: "I bet he was the milk monitor at school."

West Ham won the game 2-1, thanks in part to the decision, and Neville felt that sport often comes down to these fine details.

He continued: "It was always an inch.

"Precision in sport, it's right. Whether it's a 100-metre race or a Grand National, it can be [won] by inches."

Liverpool hero Carragher railed against VAR during the discussion and stated that referees had become 'obsessed' with certain decisions.

He declared: "This was brought in to help referees, and we were all calling for it, because referees need help.

"I actually think in some ways, it's exposed referees. I don't think it's been as big a help to them.

"They're having a second look at incidents and they're so obsessed with something that they don't see the bigger picture.

"It's the pressure of looking at something, they're so obsessed with looking for that offside and getting the lines right that they miss the foul.

When the referee goes to the screen he isn't checking a mistake, he is getting told by Stockley Park where the infringement is.

"I don't think it's been a massive help for them and this nonsense of going to the screen has got to stop.

"I know for a fact, when the referee goes to the screen he is not looking if he has made a mistake, he is getting told by Stockley Park where the infringement is."

Neville insisted that issues are down to referees' lack of confidence in themselves – with baffling decisions emphasised by recent rule changes.

The change in the handball law has meant offsides are measured against shirt sleeves, as was the case in Watkins' disallowed goal.

He added: "Going to the screen isn't the problem.

"What's happening now is referees' authority is being questioned, their credibility is being questioned and they are even doubting themselves.

"The referees going to the screen is not the problem, the referees going to the screen and not sticking with the decision if it's right is the problem.

"It's the application of technology that is the big problem at this moment in time.

"Or the rule itself – the handball rule is a nonsense, the offside rule about the arm is a nonsense. Those two rules need changing.

"At that point VAR will become more acceptable.

"And the referees, when they go over to the screen, they have to have the nerve to say to that guy in Stockley Park: No."

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