Ladyman: Premier League should BAN substitutions after the 85th minute

The Premier League should BAN substitutions after the 85th minute to stop time-wasting, Mail Sport’s Ian Ladyman says on It’s All Kicking Off podcast

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  • Ian Ladyman believes substitutions beyond the 85th minute should be banned
  • Chris Sutton branded him a ‘caveman’ – and said it’ll only add to player fatigue 

The Premier League should ban all substitutions after the 85th minute in a bid to stop time-wasting, according to Mail Sport’s Ian Ladyman on the brand new It’s All Kicking Off podcast.

As trialled in Arsenal’s Community Shield win against Manchester City last weekend, the Premier League are planning to extend added time significantly this season to ensure all matches are played for the full 90 minutes, regardless of injuries, celebrations, suspensions and substitutions.

In the past, managers have used substitutions to waste time ahead of the fourth official’s board being raised, leading to a worse matchday experience for fans. 

Officials became concerned after statistics showed how little the ball was in play during matches in England last season – with averages of just under 55 minutes in the Premier League and 48 minutes in League Two. 

Ladyman, who was speaking to former Premier League winner Chris Sutton on Mail Sport’s must-see podcast It’s All Kicking Off, urged that more could be done to prevent time-wasting.

Ian Ladyman believes the Premier League should ban all substitutions after the 85th minute

He insists his new concept would prevent time-wasting and limit the five substitutions rule

‘(Big clubs) should never have been able to have five substitutes,’ Ladyman said. 

‘It’s a cheat’s charter. I would ban all substitutions after the 85th minute in Premier League matches.’

Sutton, on the other hand, felt his podcast partner was miles behind the times. 

‘You are a caveman!’ Sutton interrupted. ‘I mean, that really is naive. It’s stupid. So, if a player was heavily cramped, you would say “No, no you can’t come off, you’ve got to stay on. Get injured!”‘

Eager to reinforce his point, Ladyman added: ‘Most of the substitutions after 85 minutes are done to waste time. And we’ve got to stop it.’

Sutton believes managers use more substitutes late on because their players are fatigued

Mail Sport’s podcast It’s All Kicking Off has launched with a Premier League preview

The former Premier League champion branded Ladyman a ‘caveman’ on It’s All Kicking Off

‘Hang on a minute,’ Sutton said. ‘It’s near the end of the game, hence why managers make substitutions because players are fatigued. 

‘This isn’t like you and your mates playing a five-a-side up in Manchester. These are serious athletes! That’s the whole point, we need to protect the players.’

Alongside the new added time rules, Premier League referees are set to brandish instant yellow cards to players dissenting or coaches stepping outside of their technical areas.

The Premier League will begin with its curtain-raiser at Turf Moor on Friday, when Vincent Kompany’s Burnley face champions Manchester City.

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