Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr volunteer to be drug tested ahead of comeback fight as WBC scoring system is revealed

HEAVYWEIGHT duo Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr have volunteered to be drug tested ahead of their exhibition bout on November 28.

The veterans will lace up the gloves once again when they face off inside the ring for their eight-round dust-up at the Dignity Health Sports Park next month.

Tyson – who rakes in around £500,000-per-month thanks to his cannabis empire – has agreed with Jones Jr to participate in the clean boxing programme through the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association.

It means that the Baddest Man on the Planet, 54, will have to lay off the marijuana with the 54-year-old said to smoke roughly £33,000 of weed every month.

The issue of drug testing had been cited as a concern going into the bout, but the agreement from the fighters will ensure a clean fight.


A statement from the WBC per ESPN has explained how the scoring method will work for the upcoming contest.

Three former world champions will judge the fight, with their scorecards to be announced to the public at the end of every round.

The statement read: "WBC’s remote scoring system will be used to evaluate Tyson and Jones Jr’s performance.

"Three champions will serve as the judges. Each round will be scored and announced to the public.

"California State Athletic Commission will oversee, regulate, and sanction."

The WBC have also created a special strap for the exhibition bout, with Tyson and Jones Jr competing for the Frontline Battle Belt.

Tyson has teamed up with Indie-electro duo Tiki Lau to create his own dance track for the fight.

The American legend will walk out to the song for his contest in California.

His former foe Buster Douglas – who shocked the world when he knocked out Tyson in 1990 – believes Jones Jr is a huge underdog for next month's meeting.

Asked to pick a winner, he said: "I think (Roy) he has a chance but it’s a slim chance.

“Slimmer than Buster Douglas.”



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