New footage emerges of emotional Megan Rapinoe hugging her family

Megan Rapinoe laughs AGAIN in new video footage with her family minutes after USA’s World Cup exit

  • Megan Rapinoe was slammed for laughing after missing her World Cup penalty 
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Brand new footage has emerged of Megan Rapinoe laughing alongside her family just minutes after she sparked outrage for her reaction to missing a penalty in the USA’s heartbreaking Women’s World Cup exit.

The divisive winger, 38, is now heading into retirement and her final act was missing a spot-kick in the team’s heartbreaking 5-4 shootout defeat to Sweden. 

In the aftermath, Rapinoe was slammed by fans after appearing to laugh at her missed penalty, which she later explained was because she saw it as ‘a sick joke’. 

Now, a video clip has surfaced of Rapinoe standing at the side of the pitch minutes later with her family, in which she initially looks upset – and then bursts into laughter again.

In the video, her mother and father Denise and Jim are among the friends and family waiting to embrace her at the stadium, and the group all share a long hug – before Rapinoe can be seen laughing with the group.

Megan Rapinoe has been caught on camera laughing again after missing World Cup penalty

New footage shows the USA legend with her friends and family at the side of the pitch

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The USA stalwart took her team’s fourth penalty in the shootout with the opportunity to put them in a 4-2 lead in the shootout, but blazed her shot high over the crossbar. 

As she jogged back to the halfway line, she was – much to the confusion of fans watching back home – smirking and laughing to herself, which left fans on social media enraged. 

It came after the USWNT also sparked backlash as a majority stayed silent during the national anthem throughout all four of its games Down Under.

Rapinoe was later seen crying alongside her devastated team-mates as the US – the competition’s defending champions – crashed out at the last-16 stage in Melbourne.

Explaining her initial reaction afterwards, Rapinoe said: ‘That’s like a sick, sick joke. I’ve never hit it over, when I miss they are saved. That’s why I had that smile on my face. 

Rapinoe laughed to herself after she missed a crucial penalty for the US at the World Cup

She was still laughing as she rejoined her team-mates at the halfway line during the shoot-out

‘I’m like, “You’ve got to be f***ing kidding me. I’m going to miss a penalty?” I mean, honestly, I can’t remember the last time I missed.’

Indeed, it had been five years since Rapinoe last missed a penalty, in a NWSL match, but this one proved far more costly as she was denied the fairytale finish to her international career.

Speaking to FOX after the defeat, Rapinoe said: ‘I thought we played really well, I am so happy for us that we went out playing the way that we did.

Rapinoe’s kick cleared the crossbar as she was one of three US players to miss in the shoot-out

Rapinoe looked devastated as the Sweden victory started to sink in for her and her team

‘This is dark comedy, I missed a penalty. This is the balance to the beautiful side of the game.

‘I felt really grateful and joyful and I know this is the end and that is sad. This is the only time I have been in one of these [losing a World Cup penalty shoot-out] – it has been an honor.’

Rapinoe, a two-time World Cup winner, played every game as a substitute. She had entered this one in extra-time but had struggled to make much of an impact during her time on the field. 

In the heat of the moment as the US lost to Sweden, many fans were furious at Rapinoe’s seemingly happy reaction to missing her kick. 

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