Nikola Jokic Finally Triumphed Over His Archenemy The Microphone

Nikola Jokic is a man of simple desires. He wants to make cool passes, “eat good,” “watch TV show,” and be stronger than the Coke. He also wants a damn microphone that he can hold in his hand without any issues.

Jokic’s strong playoff performances—the soft god is currently averaging 24-13-9 and shooting 50 percent from the floor—have earned him plenty of time up on the postgame podium. His appearances there have also seen him engaged in a pitched and prolonged battle with the microphone, which he has repeatedly struggled to bend to his will.

The two foes first met in combat after Denver’s Game 6 loss to the Spurs in the first round. That round ended in defeat for Jokic:

Jokic returned to the battlefield after helping to beat the Spurs in Game 7, and earned his second victory of the night:


The fight didn’t end with the Nuggets’ advancement to the next round. Things got downright ugly after they beat the Blazers in Game 4:

Last night, Jokic put on a big-boy performance, scoring 25 and grabbing 19 rebounds while Denver blew out Portland in Game 5. Finally, after 12 games of dominant playoff performances, Jokic received his just rewards:


Stay down, microphone. You’ve had enough.

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