Padres change spring training hat after swastika comparison

The San Diego Padres scrapped their newly designed hats on the eve of spring training after appalled fans on social media compared it to a swastika.

The hat, created by MLB and the New Era headwear company for spring training, featured the Padres’ mascot swinging over an interlocking “S” and “D” — the team’s main logo.

The mishmash cut off the top of the “S,” leading some to say it resembled the emblem most commonly associated with Nazis.

In a statement Tuesday, the Padres said they would instead wear their regular-season brown caps, featuring a gold interlocking “S” and “D”, for the majority of spring training.

The team, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune, made no mention of the swastika-looking logo, instead attributing the decision to fans who had an “overwhelmingly positive response” to the regular-season caps, which were introduced this offseason as part of a logo redesign.

According to the Union-Tribune, the team will wear the controversial caps at least once during spring training, because they were sold to fans as the official on-field caps of spring training and regular-season batting practice. The hat was still listed for sale on MLB’s website on Wednesday.

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