Ricky Hatton's son Campbell laughs as he reveals his dad floored him in sparring at 14 & 'pretty much shattered my rib'

RICKY HATTON and his son laughed as they remembered a sparring session gone wrong which ended in Campbell's ribs being 'pretty much shattered'.

Hatton was a notoriously devastating body-puncher during his iconic career, which saw him reign as a two-weight champion.

And instinct must have kicked in five years ago when even his son was on the end of a trademark left hook to the midsection.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Campbell, 19, said: "I was about 14.

"We had done bits before — pads, bags, little taps in sparring, that sort of stuff. This time were a bit different.

"I haven’t forgot. I’m telling it. Yeah, we were having a spar, me and him.

"I threw a shot, a right I think, and I don’t know what happened next — muscle memory or something, because he has pulled out the way and then come flying in, big left hook to the body.

"I hit the deck and I’m rolling there, trying to breathe.

"My mum wasn’t sure about me boxing, now dad has gone and pretty much shattered my rib.

"So I’m there holding my side, gasping, and then I hear him over me, saying, 'S***, don’t tell your mum!'."


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Hatton, 42, admitted he did tell ex-girlfriend Claire about the incident, but immediately recognised Campbell's fighting instincts.

He said: "You know what — he did tell her.

"The phone call I had that night, f*** me. Thing is, and this is important, he bloody loved it."

Campbell boxed for Northside ABC in Clayton and Roy Richardson's Boxing Academy, winning National Novice and North West titles.

He was trained along the way by his dad as well as uncle Matthew, who fought Canelo Alvarez and Kell Brook in his career.

The son of a legend announced his decision to turn pro in December, signing with Eddie Hearn.

It was later revealed Campbell joined Anthony Joshua's 258 management company.

He will be trained by Matthew but dad Ricky will have a say in the management department.

When his boy was growing up, Hatton feared he would catch the boxing bug.

But now, just days away from Campbell's debut on Saturday, the Manchester hero is over the moon with his son following in his footsteps.

Hatton said: "I couldn’t be happier about it. No one wants to see their little boy get punched in the face, but there’s more to it, isn’t there?

"I know pretty well what boxing can do for a kid, for their life, good and bad. But the big questions are — does he have a passion for it?

"Can he dedicate himself to it? Has he got ability? If the answers are no, my job is to say 'This isn’t for f****** you”. But if it is yes, then why not.

"With Campbell, I’ve seen up close that it is all yes.

"Going back to that story, about me and Campbell sparring — he wanted to come back straight away. In boxing, you learn quickly if it’s for you.

"You either get hit in the face and say, 'No thanks', or you say, 'Come on then, d***head, let’s go again'. He has wanted it every day."

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