The Mets heat is on more than just Mickey Callaway

Reset and refocus. And not just Mickey Callaway.

One of the pluses of the Friday meeting with COO Jeff Wilpon, GM Brodie Van Wagenen and manager Mickey Callaway is that the Mets finally are expecting a little more from their players.

It’s about time.

Too often this is an organization that has coddled its players and even Van Wagenen made it clear in spring training that management is there to work for the players.

All that is well and good, but expectations must be raised and jobs should be on the line as they are now and not just Callaway’s job.

Third base is wide open, the eighth-inning setup position is up for grabs as well. Todd Frazier has not bounced back from his oblique injury and is hitting .143, and has yet to walk this season while striking out 17 times in 50 plate appearances.

Jeurys Familia (shoulder) has been a disappointment with a 6.28 ERA and having allowed 31 base runners in 14 ¹/₃ innings.

Frazier knows he has to get it in gear with Jed Lowrie inching closer to a return. Lowrie is hitting .161 in his rehab at Triple-A Syracuse over 31 at-bats.

The same for Familia, who is no longer the eighth-inning reliever, and the injured Justin Wilson (elbow) with Seth Lugo and Robert Gsellman moving into those roles.

With Sunday’s rainout against the Marlins at Citi Field and Miami ace lefty Caleb Smith, the Mets have two days off before beginning the Disappointment Series on Tuesday against the Nationals in Washington with Noah Syndergaard kicking off that matchup.

For all his talents, Syndergaard will be carrying 5.14 ERA which is hard to believe.

The heat is on Callaway and all the players.

When asked if things are more wide open now with two off days to reset and refocus with 20 straight games before the Mets’ next off day which will be following the next West Coast trip on June 3, Callaway was forthright, saying, “Some positions are going to be kind of open, go get ’em, and some are going to be, you know, you need a day off today so this guy needs to get in there and play.

“It’s kind of back to what we envisioned this offseason and in spring training. There’s going to be playing time and there’s going to be a lot of different players that can get that playing time.

“We’re going to have to be diligent about it and make sure we are putting the right guys out there, the ones that are performing. We want to be very diligent also about rest and recovery because we feel that the [Robinson] Canos, the Lowries, the Fraziers and even [Pete] Alonso and [Jeff] McNeil, they need some days off to keep them to be the most productive player they can possibly be. We’ve had scheduled off days built in but we are about to go into some big long stretches where we don’t have that luxury, so those off days are going to be filled in by different players that we feel can still can the job done.

“That’s how some of the playing time is going to be acquired by other players.’’

At 19-20 the Mets need to play better. Take away the five gimme wins against the dreadful Marlins and the Mets are staring at a 14-20 record.

This team has been a huge disappointment no matter how you look at it.

“We’ve won three out of four,’’ Callaway said. “We’re one game below .500. Let’s get it going. We’ve been disappointed in the way we’ve played and I think everybody in that room understands that we could have played better. And that we need to play better.

“This could be a little bit of a reset, going into Washington, a huge series, play baseball the way we are capable of and go onto Miami and do the same thing and just keep that going for the rest of the season and be the team that we can be because we’re better than what we’ve shown.”

About time to show it.

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