Tyson Fury says his mum can’t understand why he is so famous as she was confused by legion of fans following Wilder win – The Sun | The Sun

TYSON FURY says his mum could not understand why he was so famous and asked him why so many people ask him for photographs and autographs.

The WBC champion is preparing for a monster heavyweight unification fight with two-time Anthony Joshua conqueror Oleksandr Usyk.

Whether his mother Amber will be in attendance remains to be seen, as she had never been to one of her son’s fights, amateur or pro, despite dad John playing a big part in the 33-year-old’s ring career.

In his autobiography, Behind The Mask, the heavyweight hero explained how his mum is not fully aware of his superstardom.

And she was puzzled when so many fans asked for pictures during a shopping trip following his 2018 draw with Deontay Wilder.

Fury famously went on to beat Wilder in the 2020 rematch, before winning again in their 2021 trilogy battle.

Fury wrote: "To be honest, my mum doesn't fully understand what I have achieved as a boxer.

"I took her out shopping one time after the Wilder fight and I was being stopped for photographs and autographs everywhere I went in Manchester and she couldn't understand it.

"She actually said, 'Hey, son, how do you know so many people?'

"I had to explain to her that I was the heavyweight champion of the world and a lot of people had watched me and supported me. That was actually very special.”



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Fury’s brothers Tommy, Shane, Hughie and John Jr as well as wife Paris frequently join the heavyweight before his fights.

But the Gypsy King relishes the time spent with his mum, and revealed she even told him off for attempting to buy her a luxury designer Louis Vuitton bag during the 2018 shopping trip.

He continued: "It was a lovely time that I spent with my mum – just like any son would like to.

"I was able to treat her to her favourite perfume and I wanted to buy her a Louis Vuitton bag, but she ended up shouting at me, 'Don't be wasting your money on that. Save your money because you never know when you'll need it.'

"Only a mother would tell off a multimillionaire like that.

"She was more worried about me then she was herself and I guess that's the way all good mothers are. I'm in awe of them."

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