Watch as Floyd Mayweather appears to hold Logan Paul up after 'knocking him out' with vicious right hook

BOXING fans claim Floyd Mayweather 'knocked out Logan Paul' but the iconic superstar 'held him up' to keep the fight going.

Mayweather failed to knock out the YouTube star meaning without judges, there was no official winner.

The boxing legend was in control throughout and landed some clean shots, which Paul to his credit was able to withstand.

A counter right hand in round five was the pick of the bunch, as he evaded Paul's hook and fired back.

It caused the social media star to desperately hold on – but in the eyes of some it was instead Mayweather holding him up to prolong the fight for entertainment purposes.

One Twitter user said: "Floyd Mayweather actually knocked out Logan Paul, but held him up during the fight to carry it through 8 rounds."

One responded: "They scamming people who paid to watch them."

Another commented: "Joke."

Another, in disagreement, commented: "If this is serious you're an idiot.. You think floyd could hold him up? Dont be silly."

Someone else tweeted: "This was never a knockout, it’s called getting “Buzzed” your legs and body go out for like 2-3 seconds but people recover from it."


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Mayweather admitted he was surprised by Paul's performance having been taken the distance.

He said: "I had fun, you've got to realise I'm not 21 anymore but it's good to move around with these young guys, test my skills just to have some fun.

"Great young fighter, strong, tough, he's better than I thought he was.

"As far as with the big guys, the heavyweights, it's going to be kind of hard.

"But he's a tough, rough competitor, it was good action, had fun, I was surprised by him tonight.

"I fought against a heavyweight, but I had fun. Even though he's not got that much experience, he knew how to use his weight and tie me up tonight.

"I had fun, pretty sure he had fun and hopefully the fans enjoyed it."


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