WWE star Dana Brooke’s MMA fighter fiance Ulysses Diaz 'arrested for punching online troll in the mouth'

ULYSSES DIAZ has been arrested for punching an online troll in the mouth, according to incredible reports in the US.

The MMA fighter and bare-knuckle boxer, 40, is claimed to have tracked down his critic and struck him.

According to Florida-based WPLG Local 10 Diaz left his victim with a 'laceration' that required medical treatment.

The report states Diaz was charged with battery and released on £3,700 ($5,000) bail.

The victim has not been named and its unknown what was said to spark such a furious reaction from the Cuban fighter.

Diaz boasts a 1-0 record in MMA, with an impressive 12-1 record in bare-knuckle boxing.

Last year, Diaz KOd opponent Donelei Benedetto in just THREE SECONDS.

His stock has risen dramatically in recent months following his engagement to WWE star and former professional bodybuilder Brooke.

Dana first shared photos with Diaz to her Instagram in February 2020.

The couple hilariously dressed as Barbie and Ken for last year's Halloween.

And they announced their engagement in July 2021.

Prior to settling down with Diaz, Brooke was romantically linked with ex-WWE ace Dave Bautista – now a Hollywood superstar thanks to roles in Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers: Endgame.

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