Unruly passenger leaps from aircraft taxiing down LAX runway

An unruly passenger jumped from the door of a plane taxiing for takeoff at Los Angeles International Airport Friday night after allegedly attempting to breach the cockpit. The male suspect allegedly jumped onto the plane’s automatically inflated emergency slide and was treated for injuries at a local hospital, according to

Terminator-style AI drone 'hunted down' human targets without being given orders in 1st attack of its kind, says report

A TERMINATOR-style AI drone successfully "hunted down" and liquidated human targets on its own initiative, a UN report reveals. The disturbing revelation has raised concerns about swarms of marauding killer weapons on the loose in war zones, which are no longer under any human control. A recent investigation by the

Apps, AI, & sweeper keepers – big data hits the football big time

As Manchester City’s players returned to the home dressing room after January’s exhilarating, exhausting 2-1 win over Liverpool, music shuddered from speakers. A house remix of Gregory Porter’s Liquid Spirit mixed with gleeful shouts as the celebrations began. But in one corner, three men huddled quietly together. Ederson and John