Hero NHS worker blasts 'jobsworth' warden for fining her £25 for parking with one wheel inches outside bay

AN NHS worker has slammed a “jobsworth” parking warden for slapping her with a ticket as she was administering dozens of Covid and flu jabs. Sandra Chapman, 54, was furious to find that she had been given a fine for parking outside of the lines of a marked bay when

Dale Moss Blasts Clare Crawley: Im Not the Bad Guy! SHE Ghosted ME!

Stop us if you’ve heard this before, residents and fans of Bachelor Nation: Dale Moss and Clare Crawley have broken up… amid rumors of the latter cheating… and they have then proceeded to slam each other on social media. Yes, this all happened in January. And now it’s happening again.

Harvey Proctor blasts Scotland Yard 'coverup' culture after report

Harvey Proctor blasts Scotland Yard ‘coverup’ culture after censored report into probe over false ‘VIP paedophile ring’ claim Harvey Proctor accused Scotland Yard of a ‘cover-up’ after a heavily-censored report cleared officers of wrongdoing over Operation Midland scandal The Former Tory MP was falsely accused of child sex abuse and

Driver blasts ambulance for pulling out in front of his overtaking car – but who is in the right?

THIS is the moment an ambulance pulled out in front of a car – forcing the driver to break sharply. Nic Foxton, from Skipton, North Yorkshire, captured the footage as he tried to overtake the ambulance that had been travelling in front of him last month. The 53-year-old had been

Joe Biden blasts Afghan leaders for ‘giving up’and fleeing as he ‘stands squarely behind’ decision to pull out US

PRESIDENT Joe Biden has blasted the Afghan army for "giving up" and has said that he "stands squarely behind" the decision to pull US troops out of the country. Biden has finally returned to the White House to address the nation on the crisis in Afghanistan after days of silence.

Auditor-General blasts biosecurity system for failing to pick up risks

Australia’s biosecurity system is failing to pick up risks, doesn’t target the greatest threats and in some cases lets people who have declared potentially harmful goods bring them into the country, a damning audit report has found. Auditor-General Grant Hehir has made eight recommendations to the federal Agriculture Department, including

Woman blasts neighbours for playing loud music in their garden

Does good weather bring out the worst in YOUR neighbours? Frustrated Mumsnet users list their (somewhat petty) grievances – from chatting too close to the fence to pressure washing cars and cooing over toddlers Anonymous woman vented about her neighbours disturbing her in their garden Posting on UK-based forum Mumsnet,

China blasts Joe Biden's call to determine origins of coronavirus

China blasts Joe Biden’s call to determine origins of coronavirus, dismisses Wuhan lab leak theory as a ‘conspiracy’ and claims it is a bid to detract from ‘botched’ US response President on Wednesday ordered spies to ‘redouble’ probe on Covid origins This included looking at Wuhan lab – previously deemed

Media group blasts Facebook for blocking The Post’s story on BLM co-founder

More On: facebook Pakistan briefly blocks social media amid anti-France rally Progressive figures work hand-in-hand with social media to silence opponents Social media silences The Post yet again — for reporting the truth Advocates call for an end to plans to launch Instagram for kids A news-media industry group blasted

Carragher blasts Klopp's 'mentality midgets' after sixth straight Anfield loss and fears for Liverpool's top-four hopes

JAMIE CARRAGHER blasted Liverpool as 'mentality midgets' after their sixth home defeat in a row. And the legendary Liverpool defender has serious fears the reigning Premier League champions will fail to secure a top-four finish this season. Jurgen Klopp famously branded his players as 'mentality monsters' as they raced to