Brie Larson Pivoted to Video

Brie Larson was not at last week’s Oscars, though she won one for her acting in “Room,” about a mother in captivity, five years ago. Quarantine, a different sort of captivity, had brought forth some other talents. Ms. Larson can scuba-dive, find edible mushrooms in the forest, create songs out

Brie Larson Passionately Makes Out With Hunky Mystery Man 7 Mos. After Ending Engagement

Talk about a marvelous kiss! Less than a year after Brie Larson called off her engagement to Alex Greenwald, the ‘Captain Marvel’ star was seen making out with a new man! Seven months after Brie Larson, 29, and Phantom Planet lead singer Alex Greenwald, 39, stopped making sweet music together,